Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter Joins the 19th Ward Regular Democratic Organization . . .or not.

So, you wanna be a DemAcrat,Arlen? Ain't that nice.

AS - Good afternoon, I have become a Democrat. I am here to speak with the Top Democrat.

Sec. Matt O'Shea is on an important teleconference with Jackie Casto, Ed Carroll, and Mike Houlihan - the Movie Star -at the moment. Please take a seat and would you care for coffee?

AS - No thank you. I have some great ideas for . . .

Sec. -That's nice. Matt O'Shea will be with you in . . . well, after the conference, sir.

AS- Matt O'Shea? I expected to meet with Senators Burris and Durbin.

Sec.- Ain't that the way? (Ring,Ring, Riii. . .)

Sec.- Just a minute - Hello! Good Morning! 19th Ward Regular Democratic Org . . .Hey, Frannie! The corner of 108th and Rockwell - that's Hickey's house. What's that goof want? Tell him that the sewer line is his from the parkway to the street. He knows that - he's a damn pest. That and 'who trims the Trees - I'did'n' plant 'em' What a pain in the ass Hickey has been and continues to be - He's three votes anyway. Goofball and his son and daughter. They ain't nothing like the Old Man, but then who is? Yeah, Homer Simpson. Listen, tell him that Matt knows. Everyone in the damn 23rd Precinct knows. I'll call you back Frannie. I got this guy from Pennsylvannia was sent in to register. Republican. Looks like it. Bye,Bye! . . . I am sorry, Sir, now take these forms and write in your address - you'll need a valid Illinois Driver's License and two utility bills addressed to you.

AS- Madame, I am here to speak with a Top Democratic Operative. I am Senator Arlen Specter!

Sec.- Well, Arlen, take the forms and fill them out.

AS- I am not a resident of Chicago, Madame.

Sec. - Well . . . Arlen, I guess you can not register to vote then.

AS -I am here to meet with . . .

Sec. You did not have an appointment, . . . Arlen.

AS - I am a United States Senator . . .

Sec. - And . . .Arlen, . . .Mr. Matt O'Shea is the Democratic Ward Committeeman.

AS - This is ridiculous!

Sec. - What is, . . . Arlen?

AS - Good Day!!!!!

Sec. - Bye,Bye . . . Arlen! . . . ( shouts) Matt, he's gone!


Mike Houlihan said...

Yeah, THE MOVIE STAR, I like that!

Ray said...

Good job...That Chicago humor that seems to soar over others' heads...Like I said today I wanna know what Chicago pay to play deal Specter got from Rhambo and Obama to finally come out of the closet officially.