Monday, April 27, 2009

Public Execution of the Entire GW Bush Administrations ( Both) Sponsored By the ACLU -The Only Way to Save the Soul of the Country!

Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont wants a kind of “truth and reconciliation commission,” with no punishments to be meted out except exposure; others want a major congressional investigation, while still others want the Justice Department to undertake a criminal investigation.

The Man with Turtle Waxed Dome has Spoken! I'm With Maple Syrup Man! Let's Get to Lynchinmg Bush! Rice! Cheney! Scott McClellan -He Was With Them! Any One With Them! Hang the Dog! The Houston Astros! Josh Brolin! He Played W!Save Our Soul! Execute! This is Roger Baldwin's AmeriKa!

CNN, Big Ed, Butc Maddow, Tubby Olbermann, David Sssssschueshter, Milky Matthews, KOS, MoveOn Dot Org! Let's go! My Soul's Damaged! Think of the Children!

I am now a Progressive, there is no money in being a regular guy. I have ordered all of my children to attend Gamelial Institute and train as Saul Alinsky community activists.

As a Progressive, I now demand that a Woman's Reproductive Health Initiative be exacted upon all teens who get themselves 'knocked up, or have a duck in the oven'! This must be paid for by tax-payers. Yes! 86 God, while we're at it! Bill Maher is not a bigotted Sissy! Really.

More importantly, we must save Amerika's Soul! God's had his time! Change! We Trust in Only in the ACLU! Call Geithner at Treasury and get the Mullah fixed.

Finally, I call for the immediate and public execution of all criminals in the George W. Bush Administration. Hey, why wait? The Media will play ball! Televise! Live Stream! You Tube! Let's Do it! Why waste time! Dig it! Move On!

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