Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Vatican Did Not 'Pick' the U.S. Ambassador - It Refused Obama's Pro-Abortion Pains In the Ass Picks!

The Progressive tends . . . let's see how can I say this without being too edgy or nuanced . . .tends to be a gold-plated pain in the ass. There that will do nicely. The pain in the ass is a person who is not invited to a party, but shows up, without a gift, and expects to be met with back-slaps and huzzahs. When that does not take place, the pain in the ass whines about the treatment he/she receives.

The pain in the ass is the person who offers nothing to any situation other than an entitled sense of ownership.

They do not pay fees, tips, or help but demand royal service. The pain in the ass wants in on everything, offers nothing, contributes nothing and expects some one else to pay his/her way. That is Progressive.

The Progressive (read: pain in the ass) never leaves and never is shamed or insulted. Progressives smile with passive aggressive zombie steadiness and wait until they get what they want. They win by tiring out the patience of good people - sometimes. Here on the south side there is a very low threshold for tolerance of the Great American Pain in the Ass -thanks be to God! This is a very healthy human environment. We will vote for a pain in the ass, but rarely tolerate one.

The Obama Administration. like the Democratic National Committee is loaded with Progressives. They want Abortion to be acceptable and they want Gay-anything acceptable - and embraced and loved by Everyone! Those things (actions/sins/lifestyles) are unacceptable to the Vatican, the Holy See, Pope City. Jesus why not send Andy Dick, or Bill Maher, or Mot The Hoople? Send the cast of Rent.

Caroline Kennedy, a genuine world class pain in the ass, did not get to replace Hillary Clinton and demanded the Ambassadorship to the Vatican. The Kennedy's are Catholic in the DNC sense of being Catholic - when and if it suits them and follows Progressive Doctrine. The last Catholic Kennedy was RFK.

Caroline got nixed by the Vatican and the Media is squeaking. The Media payed big to get Obama elected. Everyone - even the Pope and all his followers must play ball - get Abortive and get Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans & etc. friendly!!!! Now! Move On!

Pains in the ass are never patient, nor are they polite. The Obama Progressives will keep sending Pro Abortion Gay Cuddly Catholics for the Post. They want to tire the Pope. I think that they picked the wrong Pope.

Lets remember - America never had an Ambassador at the Vatican until Ronald Reagan.

Formal diplomatic relations with the Holy See were established in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II. The mission works in partnership with the Holy See on global issues including HIV/AIDS, world hunger, religious freedom and human rights. As a global entity, the Holy See is influential on many issues and has far-reaching influence in even the most remote corners of the world. From The Embassy website.

Nothing about Gay Rights or Abortion in that Mission Statement. Progressives will whine and say 'Ummm' Progressive pains in the ass always begin a pain in the ass objection with 'Ummm' as part of rhetorical question Thus: 'Ummmm AIDS?HIV? those are not Gay Issues?' Hey, Lent's Over . . .never mind.

I do not believe that the United States should have an embassy at the Vatican any more than Chicago Catholic League sports belong being screwed at every opportunity by the Illinois High School Association ( IHSA). Catholic schools were begged by the IHSA to participate back in the 1970's in order to increase attendance at Public School Sporting events. Catholic Schools dominate Illinois athletics and the IHSA changes the rules at every tick of the clock. IHSA is a very Progressive Group! Pains in the Ass!

James Joyner, a very smart young guy writes this -

Now, again, that may be a reason to not send an ambassador. For most of our history, we didn’t. Ronald Reagan was the first to have a formal ambassador. But if we’re going to have diplomatic relations with a church, it only makes sense not to go out of our way to offend it.

The problem with Kmiec and Kennedy, as I understand it, is not so much that they’re pro-abortion but rather that they’re pro-abortion Roman Catholics. Sending them as our ambassador to the Holy See is the equivalent of sending a Soviet defector as ambassador to Moscow during the Cold War or sending an Orthodox Jew as ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
Outside the Beltway
James Joyner and I agree. Never tell a Progressive Pain in the Ass where the Party happens to be. The rest of us tend to ring the doorbell with our elbows.


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More like sending a unreformed Communist to be Ambassador to Poland.


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