Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Euphues, Ben Johnson, Ben Jonson, Monogamy, and Michelle Leigh the Weather Bee!

It is virtue, yea virtue, gentlemen, that maketh gentlemen; that maketh the poor rich, the base-born noble, the subject a sovereign, the deformed beautiful, the sick whole, the weak strong, the most miserable most happy. There are two principal and peculiar gifts in the nature of man, knowledge and reason; the one commandeth, and the other obeyeth: these things neither the whirling wheel of fortune can change, neither the deceitful cavillings of worldlings separate, neither sickness abate, neither age abolish. --- Euphues, the Anatomy of Wit

I have never, ever knowly taken illegal drugs, and I would never embarrass my family, my friends, my country and the kids who love me. Ben Johnson - famous Cowboy actor

The ports of death are sins; of life, good deeds:
Through which our merit leads us to our meeds.
How willful blind is he then, that would stray,
And hath it in his powers, to make his way!
This world death's region is, the other life's:
And here, it should be one of our first strifes,
So to front death, as men might judge us past it.
For good men but see death, the wicked taste it.

Ben Jonson

I am conflicted! I am a devout monogamist - married or otherwise. I am single minded and soul'd to the superb woman who holds my heart and soul in her delicate fingers. I was steady as Don Larson on October 8th 1956 with my beloved wife Mary, who went home to Christ eleven years ago. However, I am a Male and can not throw switch on the circuit that shuts off the juice to the stupid bone between my ears.

Thus, during my late wife Mary's final days she noticed that I always had FOX 32 New on in the morning when I ministerd to her blood work, pills, comforts and immediate wants.

'Checking out the blond bimbo with the righteous knockers,Bucko?'
No Sweetie - I like Fox weather and news.


Honor Bright

'You making plans for after my departure? Look simpleton, that Knocker Numbskull wouldn't know clouds from laundry -( mimicing the Uber-Sexy Ms. Leigh with dead-on venom and skill) Helllllllo Chicago its Cold out today on Leather Day!. . . and SoooooooooWet!'

You do me great dishonor, Mary!

' Oh, Yeah, Bright-boy. You clowns are pathetic. It's the Male Stupid Bone - that thing that passes for a brain in you guys! Did You join her Fan Club yet???'

ENOUGH, Madame! . . . and so it would continue.

Like most of us saggingly sorry middle aged males, Michelle Leigh was part of a Man's hearty breakfast!

Yesterday, I received a notice that said Miss Leigh has her own Weather Site! I am enchanted!

I remain One Conflicted Bottle Nosed Dope -Pat Hickey - He's fun to watch;
So is Michelle Leigh - women universal notwithstanding! Check out Michelle Leigh's Weathervibe site -click my post title.

Gentlemen, get a hearty breakfast again!

Warm thoughts, Indeed

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