Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Barney Bashes Boisterous Boston Boyo!

Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid make it pretty hard for any Real Democrat to vote at the national level much less not wet his/her britches when listening to them.

I love local Democrats - Mary Flowers, Kevin Joyce, Jackie Collins, Ed Maloney and the great 19th Ward Committeeman Matt O'Shea. These are people with their eyes on tasks that help people get through their lives with more ease and prove that sometimes giovernment is there to help.

Not Barney and the other beauts. Bloated Barney got tuned up by a smart young guy in a yarmulke this week. The student asked Barney if the Bloated Banking Bashaw felt responsible for the trainwreck in the banking crises ( AIG, Fannie Mae & etc.). Instead of standing like a man and politely answering the question, the young man was treated to Barney the Puffer Fish.

"I became chairman on January -- and this is the right-wing attack on liberals to try and stop regulation that you are repeating. On January 31st, I became the chairman. On March 28th, the committee passed a very tough Fannie/Freddie bill, which the Bush administration liked. Later that year in November, we passed a bill to restrict subprime lending. Because we did the subprime lending restrictions, Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, did what Alan Greenspan refused to do and said, OK, I'll do that.

"So I do want to ask you, when you suggest that I should apologize for something or take responsibility, what is it you think I should have done that I didn't do?"

Barney then called the young man a Right Wing Attack Agent!

Earlier Barney in a more mellow moment said this, "No institution anywhere in the financial system ought to be able to get so indebted that it threatens our financial stability,"

Oh, NO he didn't! Mmmm! Barney didn't! Mmmmmmm, Girl! Go on, get him to say 'Pepperoni Pizza Plays Party Politics Pathetically!'

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