Thursday, April 02, 2009

Like Plump Girls Spurned by Colin Farrell and Waiting at Applebee's Chicago Media Will Wait and Wait for Fitzy to Indict Blago!

I think that maybe News Media Chicago will be waiting outside the offices of Patrick Fitzgerald like a homely fat girl waiting at Applebee's for the arrival of Colin Farrell ( 'He called and said he wanted to meet a nice normal girl and he had a Dublin Accent! He Said Brilliant and Shite alot!') Yep, Fitzy might just be a 'Flat-Out Villain.' A Cad! A Bounder!

Following the spurning, some in the News Media might get desperate and find solace in Salty Snack Piles and gallon flagons of Pop. Be positive! Eat Healthy.

ABC 7 had ordered a booth and a Nacho Platter with extra cheese and a 40 oz. Diet Coke.

By Ravi BaichwalApril 1, 2009 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- An indictment charging former Governor Rod Blagojevich with corruption is expected as early as Thursday.
The indictment would replace a complaint charging Blagojevich with crimes including an effort to sell President Obama's former U.S. Senate seat.
The buzz around the federal courts is that with a deadline looming, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald will hand up an indictment against the former governor.. . . If there's an indictment Blagojevich and his co-accused from December 9, former chief of staff John Harris, would be notified electronically. They wouldn't have to go to court until an arraignment date is set on any new charges.
Any new defendants will be given the . . . he's not? . . .but I thought . . .(sniff). . .

Ohhhhhh Ravi, (sniff) he's cruel.

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