Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hickey Family and Obama Administration 100 Days Timeline

Some key actions since President Barack Obama was sworn in Jan. 20: Key moments in the effort of Pat Hickey to provide our sagging economy with much-needed infusions of cash! I would have just spent it on food anyway.

Day 3: Signs an order to close Guantanamo Bay.

Emerald Plumbing's Brian Dalton comes out in -25 Below Zero to chop and dig out the City Parkway Tree Roots Blocking the access pipe to my sewer line. $$$ , but the heroic plumber dug out the source of water in the basement. Brian Dalton did this in a blizzard!

Day 10: Signs a bill making it easier for employees to sue for work/pay discrimination.

Roto -Rooter Comes out to clear the City Parkway Tree roots that clogged my sewer line thirty feet from the access pipe on my sewer line - The access pipe would not allow the foam Root-killer to take effect. Yikes, $ 275.00

Day 16: Extends health coverage to 4 million uninsured children.

Clare is accepted at Mother McAuley! Tuition $ 8,000 and change - $575 registration fee due immediately.

Day 25: The House and Senate pass his economic stimulus bill.

Clare registers at Mother McAuley - School Belles Uniform Fee $$$$.

Day 29: Approves sending 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

Clare makes the St. Rita Cheer leading Squad! $$$$
Day 39: Sets Aug. 31, 2010, as the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq.

Wind blows gutters off! Followed by an ice-storm due to Global Warming! Gutters replaced $$$

Day 47: Says he is open to approaching moderate Taliban in Afghanistan.

Nora comes home from Boston when her job ended! Welcome back home Baby! Welcome to the American Job Market! $$$$

Day 49: Lifts restrictions on the use of federal money for stem cell research.

Clare is Confirmed in the Faith by Bishop George Rasseas ( Best Homily Ever)! Clare is a Soldier of Christ! Hickey/Demateo/Gunkel/Holm/Cleary/Winters Confirmation Party for Clare at Traverso's $$

Day 56: Calls $165 million in bonuses paid by AIG to employees "an outrage."

Hickey fires Orkin after the ants proliferate having paid beau coup bucks to the Orkin Man! Buys Tero Ant Preventers for $8 at True Value and no ants!

Day 60: Tells Iran he wants to end differences between the two countries.

Sump pump dies a noble death and Hickey goes to Sewer and Plumbing Supplies at 90th & Green and buys a cast-iron "2 Zoeller ejector Pump* and replaces the pipe and flanges. One third of his Tax Return!

Day 69: Forces out GM Chairman Rick Wagoner.

Hickey gets the tires rotated!

Day 74: Calls for a world without nuclear weapons during a speech in Prague, Czech Republic.

After years of service the Hoover High end Dirt Destroyer burns out and Hickey replaces the old sucker! $$$

Day 77: Tells the Turkish parliament that America is "not at war with Islam."

Conor's Transmission drops and Dad helps $$$!

Day 84: Lifts restrictions on Cuban Americans' visits to the island; drops limits on remittances.

St. Rita Cheerleader Fees and uniform fitting $.

In my 100 Days, I have been told. 'Hey, Hickey! You losing weight? You ain't such a fat-ass these days!'

Tonight, President Obama will share it with us all!


The powerful, rugged Zoeller M53 Sump Pump has sufficient power to drain flooded excavations, basements, window wells, construction sites, and swimming pools. The single-phase motor on this pump is permanently-lubricated for continuous use and hermetically sealed to ensure a long service life and dependable operation. Features include a nonclog vortex impeller and a screenless suction inlet, enabling the Zoeller M53 to be used in areas where conventional sump pumps would clog or freeze up due to the accumulation of light debris. This pump also has a convenient carrying handle for easy transport. A powder-coated green epoxy finish and stainless steel screws, guard, and switch arm limit rust and corrosion.

Only use the Zoeller M53 Sump Pump with nonflammable liquids that are compatible with pump component materials and in nonflammable/nonexplosive atmospheres.

product specifications:
Base Material
Cord Length (Ft.)
Dia. (In.)
10 3/32
GPM of Water @ 10 Ft. of Head
Height (In.)
10 1/16
Cast Iron
Impeller Material
Submersible Sump Pump
Max. Dia. Solids (In.)
Max. Head (Ft.)
Off Point (In.)
3 1/4

On Point (In.)
8 1/2


Switch Type

Thermal Protection

Top Material
Cast Iron



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