Thursday, April 02, 2009

Illinois Violates No Smoking Ban - 'Oh Fitz! Ohhh Fitzy, Was It Good For You?'

Having been had for One Full and Change (1.8) Blagojevich Gubernatorial Terms*, a sore State of Illinois turned over to the powerful, yet strangely comforting limbs of Federal Law in Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

The 75 Page Indictment of Rod Blagojevich announced near meal time at Federal Metropolitan Correction Center was a thrust of powerful Government for a people needy and yieldy.

Illinois is languishing in a State of Ecstacy!~ Blowing Smoke Rings in the Air! Penny for your Thoughts,Fitzy?

This Federal indictment mounts the top of a steady stream of predictions made by this blogger that ranks right up there with Good Old Captain Edward J.Smith who announced to all and sundry on the bridge of HSS Titanic -'Let's see what this Baby Can Do! Open 'er Up!' -Go,Hickey !- McCain's The Guy! - Ryan Wont Do Time!s - Get a Balloon Adjustable Mortgage for Each of the Kids!


Thanks Fitzy! I'll pass.


Blagojevich is heard on tape asking an aide if the $8 million could be withheld if the executive failed to pay.

Blagojevich called the impeachment case against him a witch hunt and refused to answer question from lawmakers or testify about details of the criminal investigation.

Instead, as the state Senate heard the evidence against him, the governor made the rounds of New York talk shows, proclaiming his innocence.

Ousted from office and replaced by Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn (D), Blagojevich signed a book deal. As recently as last week, he hosted a Chicago radio show to say that he was "hijacked" from office by his political foes.

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