Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mark Brown's 'Field of Dreams' - How Long -Oh, How Long?

"Waiting three more days didn't seem so bad after all. It made me wonder how much longer Illinois gay couples will have to wait." Chicago Sun Times Mark Brown

The idyllic fields of conjugal corn are not yet. How long? Oh, how long?

'Walp! First there's the disc-in' Gotta get the Deere out in the fields and turn up the mud. Too wet to plow most days here's about - with all this Global Warming back-lash and what-not. Then the seeding - it's all natural. Then good manure to heep on things and soon, very soon the corn will be as high as Mark Brown's eye!"

Ray Kinsella's Field of Dreams is shooting up in Iowa. Same Sex couples can marry-up and build a life and spread their seed, just as their oppositional breeding fellow citizens can do -hogging the bliss.

Neighbors laughed at Ray and said the Hawkeye Farmer was daft! Daft.

The Field is set and now coming out of the tall corn are the ghosts of those denied their human right to have joyous and bountiful sex.

Ray told me, 'Look There! Build and they will come!'

Out of the green stalks minced the greats of the past!

King James Charles Stuart and George Villiers!

Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas!

Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas!

Jane Addams and Ellen Starr and Mary Rozet Smith!

J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson!

and on and on and on and on they tripped through the tall corn!

I said, Ray, 'Oh, it isn't heaven! It's Iowa!'

Ray thumbed up his worn and mud caked Dekalb Seed Corn Cap, "Try and keep it Civil, Hickey!"

I will, Ray. I will.


Marathon Pundit said...

Don't invite the Longshanks character, King Edward I, from "Braveheart."

pathickey said...

Yeah, Eddie the Rex was a mean bastard - no sense of human feeling much less a jot of progressive gusto!

He'd start tossing Brides and Grooms ( how's that go now? Brides,or Grooms, or ?????) into the Harvester.

Jim Bowman said...

You one funny fella, Hickey.