Thursday, April 09, 2009

Backdraft Barney Franks - Sets the Fire and Leads the Keystone Fire Brigade!

The movie Backdraft's core plot involved an arsonist who happened to be a fireman. A great essayist in today's post here says that Barney Franks is our Fiscal Arsonist/Firefighter. Brilliant.

Barney Franks, the House Puffer Fish Banking Bashaw, got a tune-up from a young yarmulke wearing student this past week and revealed himself in that exchange to Be the very model of the hypocrite in elected office.

Barney Franks is openly Gay, God Bless Him, and Progressives watch over Barney's critics and pounce that any and all criticism is gay bashing. Barney Franks is such a useless mope of a human being that, were he straight, or given to sexually gratifying himself with four pound boxes of cashews would not matter a whit. Well, maybe the cashews would be a bit uneasy.

Barney is a crumb. He is the cause of a bar fight, who rats out the participants to cops. He is the schoolyard snitch writ large.

Today, I read a wonderfully thoughtful piece on this crumb - here's a taste:

I bore witness to Frank's song and dance routine during a talk he recently gave at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. A video of the forum can be found here. (

It is worth noting that Frank attended Harvard College in the early 1960s and later become the first Director of Student Programs at Harvard's Institute of Politics. David Ellwood, the Dean of the Kennedy School, told an anecdote about Frank clandestinely escorting Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara away from anti-Vietnam student demonstrators threatening to riot when McNamara made a campus visit. Frank escorted McNamara to the safety of a seminar run by future Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

However, by his own admission, Frank said, "I was in charge of making sure that didn't happen. So, yes, I did kind o like the arsonist who puts out the fire, I got him out of a mess I was supposed to have prevented."

Somehow I don't think he appreciated the irony of his own statement.

Not surprisingly Frank spent much of his lecture blaming conservatives and Republicans for our current economic mess. "The deregulators had their way and the consequence is the disaster we now face," he exhorted. Frank accused conservatives and Republicans of "blaming the victim." He explained, "The argument is that the attempt by liberals to help poor people that made them make all these bad loans and that's what caused all these problems."

Frank excoriated the Republican Congress for not passing any legislation to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and to restrict sub-prime loans. "The conservative view is to stop helping poor people . . . No, our view is to help poor people," said the 15-term member of Congress.

Of course, what Frank doesn't mention is that the Bush Administration did want to regulate Fannie and Freddie. In September 2003, the Bush Administration wanted to set up an agency in the Treasury Department to supervise Fannie and Freddie.

Guess who was opposed?
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Chicago's homegrown louse, Mile Quigley ( D.5th District)joined Barney's Ship of Fools this week. The Democratic Clown Opera in Congress needs a huge tent!

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Ray said...

Title says it all man. The blind crooks leading the blind crooks.