Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Civil Liberties Are Not Afforded to Catholics - Dennis Byrne Explains the "The Yeah-Butters."

The Yeah, Butters are secular Progressive meme-mummers. The talking points (memes) are churned in the well-larded cash cows that produce the "The Yeah, Buts" - arguments and shout downs meant to silence any and all opposition to anything.

The "Yeah, Butters" created the "little liberty free zones" - no smoking, no trans-fatties, no goose liver, no nothing landscape that are the hall mark of Progressive America's laboratory schools of thought.

Progressives hate large families

Progressives hate smokers

Progressive hate people with pot-bellies

Progressives hate talk radio

Progressives hate you-name-it

Progressives hate schools that work ( Washington D.C., Catholic Schools and private schools)

Is hate too strong a word? Gosh, yes. Rather let's say that the above are Verifiably Unsatisfactory targets for elimination. Everybody Dance Now!

Progressives ( American Dewey/Hegelian Secularists - think Bill Moyers) really hate Catholics and always have done so. From Lyman Beecher - to Thoreau - to Jane Addams - to Roger Baldwin, Progressives have worked like Mexicans with family to eliminate Roman Catholic American influence and existence.

In the last fifty years, Catholic Democrats have done their heavy lifting. Funding from the big Yeah, Butter Dairies - Planned Parenthood, ACLU, 501 (c) 3 Family Foundations with boards backed with Lefties, public service unions and lending institutions helped baptized Catholic politicians, become born-again Henry Wallace/Margaret Sanger mouthpieces.

The result is the looming battle against religious liberty - going the way of cigarettes, sugar and butter. Catholics are the target for tonight and everynight.
Dennis Byrne, in his Chicago Tribune column answers the Yeah, Butters in their own words.

Radical secularists spit out their usual canard about how "Catholics seek to impose their morals on everyone else." This is the goofiest of upside-down arguments. In truth, it should be clear to anyone but the blindly ideological and anti-Catholic bigots that secularists are imposing their beliefs on Catholics. As the Rev. Robert Barron, a Catholic priest, scholar and author, noted: "Who is using the law to impose morality on people? It ain't the Catholic Church. It's the secular state."

Secularists will drag out plenty of diversionary arguments to the central issue, most typically: Many Catholic couples use artificial birth control, so it doesn't matter if the government tells the church what to do about contraception. As if the government can decide what church teachings are valid and constitutionally protected by taking a poll. If church membership disagrees with the church's beliefs, that's a problem for the church and its members, not the government. Government already has enough problems of its own.

In his controversial appearance at the University of Notre Dame, President Barack Obama promised a sensible approach to matters of conscience. He now touts how he draws from his Christian faith when crafting public policy.

It's all campaign rhetoric, and Catholics who fell for it by giving him a majority of their votes in 2008 have cause for regret and anger.

Yeah, but there is so much more coming.

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K T Cat said...

It's fascism, man. I am the State thy god and thou shalt have no other gods before me.