Friday, February 17, 2012

Ultra -Slaughter by Planned Parenthood Trends Up - Our Dowager Holocaust Gets an Ultra Sound from Jill Stanek

More babies are alive and kicking because of this lovely woman -Jill Stanek

While Eric Zorn beefs that new Ultra-Sound Legislation is Ultra Creepy, because it warns expectant mothers lured into an abortion mill by presenting her with her child.

That will sure kill off a Choice to kill the child; unless of course one is doctrinally prone to clubbing baby harp seals, tossing kittens into a Weber, or shooting baby ducks and chicks with a 12 gauge.

A heroic nurse from Oak Lawn, Illinois, Jill Stanek has done more to help save children from the flames of a Planned Parenthood crematorium, than any battalion of firemen could hope to save with her work at Life and her own website linked belwo. Jill Stanek has made Planned Parenthood's abortion lust her personal vocation. God Bless this heroic woman. Jill Stanek rubs the jelly and holds the paddles to Planned Parenthood's swelled belly.

Abortion is what Planned Parenthood is all about - making money off of the slaughter of children. WaPo Pulitzer recipienet Eugene (Eugenics) Robinson told MSNBC empty vessel Rachel Maddow that conception is "insane." Eugenious's Insane Clown Posse includes our own Abortion Mencken Eric Zorn. Zorn warns fellow Insane Clown Posse Patriots-

This month Republican majorities in both chambers in Virginia's Legislature passed one of the strictest mandatory pre-abortion ultrasound bills in the nation — a measure that's certain to require women seeking early-stage abortions to submit to being vaginally penetrated by a condom-covered electronic probe before the abortion is allowed to proceed.

The procedure is called a "transvaginal ultrasound," and it's the best and sometimes only way in the first stages of pregnancy for physicians to obtain images that "contain the dimensions of the fetus, and accurately portray the presence of external members and internal organs of the fetus," as the bill requires.

Such ultrasounds are common medical procedures. But make no mistake. The proposed regulation, which Republican Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell previously indicated he will sign if, as expected, legislators send a final version to his desk next week, has nothing to do with the practice of medicine.

OMG, E! But make no mistake, Goernor Quinn will never sign such legislation here in Personl Pac Man, Terry Cosgrove's Illinois. Until Quinn sent back to his Spartan kitchen to whipup some tasty eggs in his forty year old skillet, Abortion is safe and sound -Ultra Sounds notwithstanding.

In Fact Abortion Industry USA -Planned Parenthood is fat and sassy -abortions account for 51.5% of its income and lards in another hefty 46.5 % from Gummint Muny. In a very recent Article in LifeNews Steven Ertelt reports on the pregnant financials at Planned Parenthood.

Check the charts E.

Abortions are UP UP UP! Ultra-Plenty! Kids shell out dollars at the behest of skeletal but botoxed Cougars and cashmmere wrapped Dowagers who read The Female Eunuch and other feminist tones, along with their issues of Cosmopolitan and the Neiman Marcus catalogs and with the same intellectual gifts and rigor.

“By comparing PP’s abortion income with its clinic income, we get a much more accurate picture of Planned Parenthood’s business model. In 2010, Planned Parenthood’s abortion income was 51.5 percent of its clinic income.”

Government funding accounts for 46.5 percent of Planned Parenthood’s income — to the tune of $1.3 million per day,

It is pretty hard to parse an ultra-sound. What's on the screen is what a woman is expected to kill there, EZ. T'ain't so easy.


Jill Stanek said...

Thanks for the kind words and also for your fight to protect preborn children... :)

Jill Stanek said...

Thanks for your kind words and also for your dedication to protecting preborn children from abortion... :)