Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President Bar Frack Obama - The Key To Regime Change? Be Smart Like a Democrat

GOP Candidates -Lay off the President! He's has enough enemies.

President Bar-Frack(ing)* Obama. That's the ticket. He's no Fracking Hero to the Birkenstock Leftist Tree Huggers more worried about the one tree standing in Wyoming -"Dude we must save Big John from the Gas Man's Ax Man! Fracking will kill us all,"

The GOP knows how to lose an election. Democrats know how to win. The GOP needs to tap into the ideas and inclinations of Democrats disgusted with the people around President Obama - not President Obama, much less his wife and kids. President Obama fronts for some nasty and smart people who do not like religion, people who toil and pay taxes, people who really believe that America is the greatest nation on God's green earth, people who are appalled that we as a people consider the murder of children to be a civil right and health issue. You know what many, many many of those people happen to be Democrats.

The GOP, to this Democrat anyway, is the party that blows off its own toes with the regularity of Monsoons in Asia. The Elephant in the straw kelly still wears tasseled loafers and has acute memory loss - The Plutocratic Pachyderm forgot all of the lessons learned from Ronald Reagan - a Democrat most of his life.

Respect Real, Genuine Labor, people of all Faiths and people of little or know faith, and welcome them.

In 2008, I wrote an article for Chicago Daily Observer about a John McCain campaign event in Wisconsin. McCain was introduced by a dynamic young Congressman named Paul Ryan. During the Q & A, I had an opportunity to ask about School Choice. I prefaced my remark with "I'm a Chicago Democrat . . ." The boos flowed like it was Fat Tuesday.

Senator McCain did a head toss, followed by a smile of welcome that betokened an expectant hostility from me. I explained, should not have or had to do so, that I was a fan. Senator McCain quoted chapter and verse from his Campaign website's issues page. I was underwhelmed.

While the event was billed as an open forum, with no questions barred, the crowd Thursday was clearly in McCain's corner.

The only boos came when Pat Hickey stood up and identified himself as a Chicago resident and a Democrat. He quickly noted to applause: "There are a lot of us supporting Senator McCain."

Hickey, a teacher at a private school in Chicago, asked McCain about school choice, which McCain supports.

Other questions ranged from college affordability to the appointment of Supreme Court justices. All brought familiar responses.

One woman questioned McCain on the war and its cost to the economy.

"It's succeeding," McCain said of the war. "I can look you in the eye and tell you it's succeeding."

Thursday's visit included an evening fund-raiser in Milwaukee, one of several held this week by the campaign in the days before the close of a reporting period Saturday.

McCain has languished behind Obama and Clinton in fund raising, though the national party has more in the bank than Democrats.

Money does not win an election. Political smarts and, or if absolutely necessary, basic honesty win an election. Barack Obama is President because of political smarts - he stayed on message - each day and every day. Since taking the oath

The GOP is bait. They are bait for the media, because they think that they can win them over. Not a chance. You have about as much chance of being media darling (Democrat or GOP), if you embrace the virtues of my first paragraph, as the establishment of a Knights of Columbus Charter at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or University of Chicago.

The media revels in the mythology of Mencken. Every silly little Medill School of Journalism wants to play at being an atheist/agnostic sojourner for truth. Therefore, if it is religious it is bad - Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant Evangelical.

Therefore, Rick Santorum, or Paul Ryan or Congressman Dan Lipinski (D.Chicago) will always be treated like lepers. Bart Stupak was UP Michigan Mossback Rube until his Come to Barack Moment in 2009.

You will not get anywhere with social issues - avoid them; get in the White House.

Never apologise and never explain. Rick Santorum has created a Cuisinart of Spinning Vegetables over this past weekend, when every one else wants to know how much longer the turkey will be in the oven. Meat first! Spoon vitals to pour on!

Stick to this GOP wannabees - President Obama is a nice guy with sharply creased britches and a taste for waffles. He is surrounded by Marxist ( but don't say Marxist - why belabor the obvious) courtiers, viziers, sneaks and bootlickers who are the Obama Regime. Obama is like King Louis in the Three Musketeers. He knows not what he does. His centurions are doing the scourging and the crucifying in his name.

THEY - are killing the economy! Bar Fracking Greenies! The X-line Pipeline Kids! Check the PUMP! NO Budget! Eric Holder! Van Jones! Anna Dunn! Samantah Power! Planned Parenthood Stooge Sec. Kathleen Sebelius, Nambla's Kevin Jennings, President Obama's Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug FreeSchools at the U.S. Department of Education ... & etc.

The Regime not the Man!

As the great Chicago Democrat James "Skinny" Sheahan once told me, " You will never win the debate over abortion, because you are on the right side. Abortion is murder. Do not get trapped explaining your convictions with 'what if your daughter were raped? What if there was a bomb attached to the baby in the womb? The abortion issue will not be won on a Campaign trail. Stay away from it. Win the war one step at a time."

Santorum needs to fire some people and hire some Democrats who are not happy with the Obama Regime. Avoid Contraception! Let Cardinal Dolan bat that one into the cheap seats. Stay on the Regime, ignore the man.

Demand a budget! Demand a look into the Justice Department! Hammer away at Media Matters! It was handed to you guys use it! Stay away from stupid - short term subjects that matter only to Maddow, Matthews and MSNBC.

Back the Commander in Chief! You have the President's back on all foreign entanglements. Don't try to get cute; you're a goddam elephant, for Crissakes.

The economy is bad. That's it. The Bar Frack Obama Regime killed the oil and gas in Canada that is going to Red China and pumps will be $5 a gallon by Memorial Day. Say no more.

* and this from lefty goofballs ala HuffPo, Michael Moore and Crown Heights Al Sharpton:

Get this straight, humans: President Obama is a friend of the oil and gas industry. The recent denial of the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline does not mean that Obama has changed his tune on unconventional natural gas. Obama himself has bought the industry hype that unconventional natural gas will liberate us from the “tyranny of oil.”

Ah, the poor man! Free him of this burden, November 12, 2012.

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