Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Idea That Just . . .wait a minute . . . I'll get back to you

There’s demand for more luxury housing in Mumbai, India, and the architecture firm of James Law is pitching its design for a huge residential complex. Among its features are small pools off the balconies that seem to hang in mid-air.The beautiful Aquaria Grande residential towers, currently undergoing construction, will be equipped with one of the most stunning architectural feats when the project is completed, transforming standard balconies into swimming pools.

The residential location consists of two 37 story towers located in Mumbai, India. The Aquaria Grande Tower was designed by Wadhwa Group, and will feature several different amenities including a car park, fully equipped clubhouse, and a sustainable podium garden.

Let's see. You walk out on the balcony and take a dip. You are on the top floor and the 36 floors under you are residents.

Wrap this around your tiny brain, there, Hickey. Okay. Glass pools. In the photo the residents look like swimsuit models.

Picture this for apartments along 111th between the Metra east and Kmart to west, or down Pulaski from 111th to let's 103rd.
"Hello (frosty and abrupt) . . .Mrs. Nelligan. This is Mrs Tansey from cross the street. First it was your Bill and now all of your kids and their friends? Every morning? You people don't seem to understand what exactly a balcony is for . . . I am minding my own business! You should mind you. . . (click)."

Think Thompson Center when your kid says he wants to be an architect.

Other than that, should be a hit. . . .In Mumbai.

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Marianne said...

I totally want one of those, annoying kids or not.