Tuesday, February 21, 2012

G-8/NATO Fest Here? Why I'm Just Chickled Titless!

Chicago is Rahm Emanuel's foot-stool that he will use to step up to the White House. If we all just listen very carefully skippingover the no longer bubbly waters of Bubbly Creek you can almost hear Mayor Rahm chirping these words:

"I can not wait to get the #$%^ out of this Hick Burg. For #$%^'s sake he had to keep is #$%^ing mouth shut ever since Bert Odelson dragged his #$%^-ing a$$ in front of Sister Queen and Joe Morris.

Cops and their #$%^ing Coon Eyes, Firemen, 'Oh Bob Hoff! Bob Hoff!' Hey, #$%^ Bob Hoff! Skinny Sheahan's South Side Parade down in that vast-waste land of Mackeral Snappers, Where's Jewish Parade???? Whiny Mick #$%^s! Karen Lewis and News, Dope Smoking . . . . don't say it. Local School Councils, Mr. Corruption Dick Simposn our éminence chauve of do-nothing Goo-goos, Oh Yeah! Forrest "CTA Wheels" Claypool (. . .is there a #$%^ing job that clown #$%^ can do?), LaLaPalooza, Holy Name Cathderal, Andy Thayer Thounth like Theam Ethcaping!! #$%^ Me! Gay Pride Palestinianth, Water, Sugar, Cameras!!!!!!!!!!! #$%^, Me!!!!!!!!!! Come on G-8! Come on May! Come on NATO! Get me out of this #$%^ing Hick Burg!"

I feel his pain.

Why I am just Chickled Titless about the billion and change the twin riot venues will cost this city. Rahm is out of here in three. It will be easier if President Teleprompter Jarrett . . .I mean Obama, wins. Good luck with that. Rahm is going to the White House. It's a done deal. After the riots and lawsuits from anarchists, we get a billion dollar bill and Euro trash agree to say Chicago is No Longer the Al Capone City. Rahm runs for President. Everything is staked out.

Here is how I see Rahm pounding the stakes:

1. Toni Preckwinkle will be Mayor

2. Dart can stay at Sheriff

3. Quigley gets the County Board and Forrest Claypool's next appointment

4. Lisa Madigan or Tom Tunney can fight it out of Governor unless Quinn gets himself impeached

5. Sheila Simon stays as LT. Guv

6. Danny Hynes gets Treasury

7. Jan Schakowsky gets Kirk's Senate Seat

8. Joe Moore gets Durbin's - trhey are identical

9. Quinn, if he manages to stay out of jail, goes to the BGA with Andy Shaw, or Team Teaching at UICC with Progressive éminence chauve Thundering Dick Simpson

10. Obama builds his library in Hawaii

11. Chicago gets fully absorbed into Hyde Park and becomes a suburb of the University of Chicago. . . .FINALLY!

12. That #$%^ing squatter that Mr. Residency Bert Odelson dug up gets a long swim along the shores of Old Man Chicago from Bubbly Creek to McCook. Call Deb Shore and get the blue MWRD tug.

I could not be more . . .Chickled Titless!

Total Security Spending for the 2010 G8 & G20 Summits Department/Agency Spending

1.Royal Canadian Military Police $507,459,400

2.Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness $278,310,228

3.National Defence $77,570,000

4.Canadian Security Intelligence Service $3,137,483

5.Health $2,266,619

6.Canada Border Services Agency $1,180,070

7.Transport $1,240,581

8.Canadian Air Transport Security Authority $399,399

9. Public Health Agency of Canada $583,330

10. Industry $2,839,000

11. Contingency Reserve (Fiscal framework) $55,000,000

Total $929,986,110

And that's in Yankee Dollars!


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