Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Could President "Beer Summit" Turn Down A Keystone?

The Keystone XL pipeline project will ensure energy security, job creation and stimulate the economy. Keystone XL is a critical energy infrastructure project

JAY CARNEY -White House: But the president didn’t turn down the Keystone pipeline.

The pipeline must not have gotten the meme, there Jay.

Must have been something in the aquifer.

President Obama has been scripted since 2007 to have only a nodding acquittance with wage-earning, beer swilling, gun-toting, Bible-thumping, Lent Friday fish-eating, Abortion hating, stump-jumping, tax-paying Esses, Homies, Micks, Polacks, Moojis, Loogans, BoHunks, Dagos, Hebes, and Hillbillies.

These are folks who generally purchase beers like Keystone Light in the handy Hold My Stones Cool Pack, and top-off the tank of 1991 Ford Taurus hatchback at Thornton's, Safeway, Speedway, Food For Less and Singh's Gas and Go.

The bonus cold can crowd are most anxious to hear from President Obama why he deigned to eschew the bounty of Canada's natural gas and petro pipeline - Keystone.

Keystone should be the rally cry for Americans.

Religious liberty assaults from the Obama regime, notwithstanding, the cavalier cave-in to radical soul-patched Redfern Greens and tree-huggers; thus, making the pump prices equal to a pint of vanity beer at a chic Micro-Craft Beer salon is a huge assault on all Americans - except the 1% ers who fill Obama 2012 Campaign PACs and coffers.

If one were serious about regime change, and I most certainly happen to be thus inclined, Keystone would be the touchstone and the national beer summit.

Let Keystone return America to greatness! Hold My Stones for four more years . . .?Oh, I think not, President Obama!

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