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Catholics United - The Late Great Tom Roeser Called Them Vichy Catholics

Tom Roeser was one brilliant guy. I wish he were around to help out in the escalating brawl between Catholic Americans and the Obama Administration. Tom delighted in intellectual and moral combat. Catholics are a diverse demographic. Takes all kinds. They even let me in for God's sake.

Tom and I once talked about the diversity in the American Church. There is always room for disagreement among good people. There is even room for not-so-good people. Who am I to judge? Why, I judge not. In fact, I could could shive a git about the opinion of folks seeking to do harm while wrapping themselves snugly and smugly in hostile superiority. Shucks, I just hang around with people who are on the level and at least try to do some good, as carbon foot prints.

One group, that was funded and established by George Soros - the Cesare Borgia of the Obama Movement -Catholics United are about as genuine as my willingness to do 100 sit-ups each morning.

Tom Roeser called the Vichy* Catholics.

Vichy was the shakings of the bag given to Petain and Laval when Hitler absorbed France. Then the old wall-paper hanger took that back.

The Catholic Hospital Association are Vichy Catholics as well it seems. Why the hell not? The American Catholic Church witnessed the Quislings like Pelosi, Sebelius, and Durbin parse Planned Parenthood for years.

The news media are already a boil with chirps from Vichy Catholics and Quisling Politicians.

Yet the non-profit, Washington, DC-based Catholics United, Inc., offered its blessing on Mr. Obama, noting that “the new regulation will ensure that Catholic hospitals, universities and social service providers that are religiously opposed to contraception and sterilization do not have to provide or even refer for those services, while also requiring insurance companies provide contraceptive services free of charge to any enrollee who wishes to have the coverage.”

and the always daffy Carol Marin in the Chicago Sun Times My aunt Gert loves Carol, because "She's so feisty." Aunt Gert thinks that Johnny Mathis was feisty too.

Barack Obama relied on rank-and-file Catholics in his 2008 election. And he needs them now.

But the president also needs independent women on his side. And they, recently infuriated by the Susan B. Komen Foundation’s now-rescinded defunding of Planned Parenthood, are sick of feeling like second-class citizens when it comes to anything connected to birth control. The White House was forced to retrench.

And fast.

“Fortunately, they caught it, they fixed it,” Keehan said. “And we should continue to make the Affordable Care Act work for people who have nothing or very little in health insurance. And not be distracted.”

Really Sister Keehan -thanks for the collaboration. Vichy sent Jews to the gas chambers and helped the Reich sniff out patriots.

Catholics United offers this beauty -

Bishops are increasingly isolated from Catholic institutions most affected by the decision.

Washington DC – After demonstrating initial support for the Obama Administration's recent compromise on the HHS rule affecting religious exemption and access to contraception, yesterday evening, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops took the unfortunate step of escalating their campaign to include opposition to all forms of mandated contraception coverage. In a statement on their Website, the Catholic bishops announced that they will now pursue a legislative solution that rescinds mandated coverage for contraceptive services in all health care plans.

In contrast to the position of the Catholic bishops, many significant Catholic organizations directly affected by the HHS rule - such as the Catholic Health Association, the University of Notre Dame, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and Catholic Charities USA- publicly supported and welcomed the Obama Administration's willingness to accommodate their religious concerns.
Strictly non partisan. So is the 19th Ward Democratic Organization.

Catholics United -Vichy Catholics - are headed by Jimmy Salt -Le Chagrin et la PitiƩ

James Salt - Executive Director
James has extensive experience working with national progressive Catholic peace and justice organizations as well as political campaigns involving Catholic strategy. He has worked for Pax Christi USA as a leader Pax Christi's Young Adult Forum, NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, and was part of the launch team of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Most recently, he held an organizing position Maryland Citizens Against State Executions, and oversaw the Kansas Democratic Party's faith outreach efforts, including messaging work for Governor Sebelius and development of faith-based messaging resources. James lives in Washington, DC.

Well I'll be dipped an rolled there Salty! Faith-based messaging? Propaganda, you might say? Messaging for HHS Sec. Sebelius?

The Catholic Church in America is diverse. It even tolerates Vichy messaging.

*Vichy for Dummies

"On 14th June 1940, the German Army occupied Paris. Paul Reynaud, the French prime minister, now realized that the German Western Offensive could not be halted and suggested that the government should move to territories it owned in North Africa. This was opposed by his vice-premier, Henri-Philippe Petain, and the supreme commander of the armed forces, General Maxime Weygand. They insisted that the government should remain in France and seek an armistice.

Out voted, Reynaud resigned and President Albert Lebrun, appointed Petain as France's new premier. He immediately began negotiations with Adolf Hitler and on 22nd June signed an armistice with Germany. The terms of the agreement divided France into occupied and unoccupied zones, with a rigid demarcation line between the two. The Germans would directly control three-fifths of the country, an area that included northern and western France and the entire Atlantic coast. The remaining section of the country would be administered by the French government at Vichy under Marshal Henri-Philippe Petain.

Other provisions of the armistice included the surrender of all Jews living in France to the Germans. The French Army was disbanded except for a force of 100,000 men to maintain domestic order. The 1.5 million French soldiers captured by the Germans were to remain prisoners of war. The French government also agreed to stop members of its armed forces from leaving the country and instructed its citizens not to fight against the Germans. Finally, France had to pay the occupation costs of the German troops.

Over the next four years Henri-Philippe Petain led the right-wing government of Vichy France. The famous revolutionary principles of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" were replaced by "Work, Family, Fatherland". Prominent figures in the Vichy government included Pierre Laval, Jean-Francois Darlan and Joseph Darnand.

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