Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Elvis and the Prioress - What Are You Giving Up for Lent?

The first woman to kiss Elvis on the big screen was Mother Prioress Dolores Hart

Skinny Sheahan asked, " Hickey, have you read the article about Dolores Hart? Read it."

Skinny suggests and this dude abides. Read it, Mr. Skinny. Thought about what I had read, too. Here it is.

What will I give up for Lent? Whatever it will be by the end of today, Ash Wednesday, will be as nothing compared to what Dolores Hart gave up decades ago.

Dolores Hart was a movie star who played in films with Anthony Quinn and Elvis. Dolores Hart is now Mother Prioress Dolores of Regina Laudis Abbey in in New England. She is a contemplative Roman Catholic nun.

Let's see, Hollywood, Stardom, Riches given up for a life of prayer,silence, contemplation and service.

Dolores Hart set the bar pretty high. I will no doubt give up something like oatmeal cookies from the Leo Cafeteria, third helpings of pierogi, or blaspheming every time I see that CTA photo of Forrest Claypool looking for the L in the wrong direction.

Mother Dolores, as she is now known, is the subject this year of an Oscar-nominated documentary short, "God Is the Bigger Elvis," which airs April 5 on HBO. The documentary chronicles her life as a nun after a Hollywood career that saw her costar with Elvis Presley ("Loving You" in 1957 and "King Creole" in 1958), Anthony Quinn ("Wild Is the Wind," 1957) and George Hamilton ("Where the Boys Are," 1960). Her favorite is "Lisa," from 1962, in which she played a Jewish refugee after World War II. Before the documentary, she last appeared on the big screen in 1963's "Come Fly With Me," a comedy about flight attendants looking for love.

Not only does "God Is the Bigger Elvis" explore Mother Dolores' life in Hollywood and at the monastery, but it also chronicles the day-to-day life of the nuns at the abbey, which is also a working farm. Like Mother Dolores, a lot of the nuns had previous occupations, including the law and science, before they changed vocations.

Imagine MSNBC's Chris Matthews -Trappist Monk. "HA!!!."

Better yet, Pat Hickey IVI-IPO Goo-goo. Now, that would be one Hell of a Cross to bear anywhere. . . . and I don't have a hair-shirt.

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