Thursday, February 02, 2012

Your Morning Smear of Obama "Yeah, Butter" - The New Anti-Catholic Meme

Planned Parenthood (Abortion) Made President Obama

Progressives are "Yeah, but" -ters. Yeah butters.

No matter what evidence is placed before a Dewey Doctrinaire there is always "Yeah, Butter" -

"Yeah, but . . . Bush created the mess."
"Yeah, but . . . We are to blame for Islamic Terror."
"Yeah, but . . . Catholics are homophobic racists."
"Yeah, but . . . Don't you care about the children? They are being born, People!
"Yeah, but . . . Police ALWAYS torture murderers"
"Yeah, but . . . 1%-ers like my Dad made me a 99%-er in a cardboard box in Oakland."
" Yeah,but . . . Where is the Catholic Church's outrage at the Republicans' support for war, the death penalty, and tearing great big gaping holes in the social safety net?"

To which I generally cock an eybrow and query, "Pardonnez-moi, mais avez-vous été sniffer de la colle?"

Today, the Boston Globe's Joan Vennochi offers the latest meme -slather of "Yeah, Butter" - concerning Obama's HHS Choice Mandate.

Catholic Institutions without regard to Catholic values must pay for abortifacients, condoms, and birth control pills as part of any health care plan.

Here is the "Yeah, Butter, du jour.

But not all employees of Catholic institutions are Catholics. Why should their employers impose their religious beliefs on them and deny coverage for birth control and other medical care? As long as those Catholic institutions are getting taxpayer money, they should follow secular rules. That’s the Obama administration’s argument, and it makes sense.

Well, gee. How does Joan assume that? People are hired without reghard to race, creed or color, per Federal Fiat.

Therefore, she can only assume that some employees might not be Catholic.

Joan says, "Obama isn’t trying to undermine Catholicism. He’s telling Catholic leaders they can’t regulate the beliefs of those of other faiths."

YEAH, But!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone has a but! Did I spell that correctly?

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