Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jan Schakowsky - Local Nitwit Tells National Joke That Catholics Don't Follow Their Faith

Jan screams, " I don't believe you goddam Christians! That was my last Altoid!"

Because the bi-partisan guys in Springfield wanted Jan Schakowsky the hell out of the Illinois Capital fast, some years back, we have Jan Nationwide. The Blob* (1958) grew slower. Congressman Jan Schakowsky continues the proud tradition of Blago and Burris in blackguarding the Land of Lincoln.

From Turkish** spy dalliances to felon huuby's White House visit, Jan Schakowsky is the billboard girl for everything that is wrong with politics and President Obama placed this daffy dame on the Deficit Reduction ( Simpson-Bowles) panel along with SEIU Mandarin Andy Stern. He went to Harvard. . . .U of C Law Don . . .smarter than the New Trier NHS. . . . Latin School mensa.

Here is a loo-loo! Now, Jan Schakowsky who could not find a chinaman on 22nd Street if she were slapping her, waxes looney with Big Ed Schultz of MSNBC et.al. on Catholics. It is always nice to listen to two mental defectives share insights on things national.

Speak on it sister!

JAN SCHAKOWSKY: First of all, let me thank you, Ed, because it's not just members of Congress but there have been, there's been a lot of male punditry, um, saying, oh, you know, we act as if this is a matter of religious freedom, and that kind of thing, forgetting that it's also a matter of women's health and women's lives. And you aren't one of those, and I appreciate it.

Um, but, you know, I, I really, I'm quite annoyed actually, um, by that, that Democrats were willing in some instances, I think, to throw women under the bus. And, you know, this is basic.

And you know what? The case is closed, too. There's no controversy around, uh, around contraceptives for almost 100 percent of Americans.

You know, there's few in the, uh, some in the Catholic Church and maybe some other Evangelical churches, I don't know, that think that it's wrong, but none of the American people follow that.
(emphasis my own)

Um, Uh, I, I mean, I really, Jan, um I, uh, really think you spent way too much timewith a tube of Testors up your old nostrils,there, Kiddo.

Jan stop by Sacred Heart Mission at 116th & Church just east of Morgan Park at 8:30 Mass next Sunday. Do little shoe-leather, grassroots research. It's Donut Sunday next week, as well.

The only woman that would be my choice to wait supine for the metaphorical bus is Congressjoke Jan Schakowsky.

*The Blob - 1958
A mysterious creature from another planet, resembling a giant blob of jelly, lands on earth. The people of a nearby small town refuse to listen to some teenagers who have witnessed the blob's destructive power. In the meantime, the blob just keeps on getting bigger.

Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator and the founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition told the magazine that Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky was targeted by the Turks who compromised her with a Turkish female spy who seduced the bi-sexual and married Schakowsky. Schakowsky's townhouse had been bugged with cameras and microphones to capture the sex acts to later blackmail her. (Source: News.am) Dang! What's up with that one?


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