Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cardinal Timothy Dolan - Cardinal George Dove on Most of the Barbed Wire For You

Cardinal George of Chicago Lives the Sacrifice of the Eucharist 24/7 - So will Cardinal Dolan of NY

When the doctrines and practices that support religious consciousness are dismissed—as they so often are in contemporary secularism—the moral convictions born of that consciousness are imperilled. This is the massively important point missed by those who so blithely say, “it doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you’re a nice person.” Father Bob Barron

I'm a Catholic, a sinful, vain, lazy, shiftless, filthy-minded, one, but a Catholic nevertheless. The Church is stuck with me and I try as best I am able to stick with the Church. It is not easy; nor is it supposed to be.

I pretty much know when I have sinned, but there are always loving people around me to reinforce what jerk I have been; therefore, a trip to the penalty box and confession and also some tasks and words to make things right again. The elevation to Cardinal this past Sunday of New York's Archbishop Timothy Dolan is an especially happy event for this raggedy-man. Cardinal Dolan is a reflection of what an American Catholic should be - a very happy warrior of Christ.

Francis Cardinal George and his predecessor Joseph Cardinal Bernardin paved the way for young men like Timothy Dolan. Dolan, it seems to me, is a composite of Cardinals Bernardin and George. Bernardin was welcomed to Chicago with balloons and tears of joy and exited to tears of sorrow upon his death. Cardinal Bernardin had it made, compared to Cardinal George. Cardinal George walked into minefields laid by politicians, activists and their media purse-puppies one after another - Racism with Father Pfleger, Gay everything, Abortion patsy politicians like Quinn, Daley and Durbin. Cardinal George was confronted with more gotcha moments than any polticians by a very hostile secularist news media. Cathleen Falsani, religion writer of the Chicago Sun Times helped the radical priest activist pastor of St. Sabina's orchestrate a months long faux-Selma racist polarizing of south side parishs over Athletics, where there was none to be found. Fox WFLD anchor sneaks Mike Flannery and Dane Placko walked the Cardinal into the Gay Mafia's pre-packaged outrage over the route of the Gay Pride parade. Gay activists have staked out Holy Name Cathedral for years, as have the same members of Gay Liberation Network's Pro Palestinian cadre (Catholic School Girls Against the War) who tossed fake blood on worshipers on Easter Sunday. Cardinal George inhereited a chancery that had stood watch and protected priests from public scrutiny while they abused little boys and girls. Cardinal Bernardin had been falsely accused of abuse himself, but more of hero himself, by virtue of his gentleness and the kind opinion of the the Chicago media. During Cardinal Bernardin's tenure Catholic Schools closed, like neighborhood saloons under Richie Daley. Cardinal George stopped the bleeding.

That media tired of the Catholic Church as a the only bastion of certainty over abortion and move to Gay Marriage.

Cardinal George inherited not only the priest abuse scandal, but the network that allowed it. Cardinal George inherited a Media Spiritus Mundi that is hostile to the Catholic Church and all that it defends.

Cardinal Bernardin was a sweet and saintly fellow. Cardinal George is a very sweet guy in the tough role of teacher, pastor and public figure who gets nowhere near a break. Cardinal Bernadin had it made; Cardinal George found himself in an empty foxhole.

Not really. I have not always been happy with decisions the Cardinal makes; he didn't ask my opinion. Cardinal George acted for millions more than Pat Hickey -D+ Catholic.

Cardinal George will be remembered for being a happy warrior, during very unhappy time for his Church in Chicago. A lesser soul would have gone Postal on the media, his daffy priests, and his whiny flock.

Thanks to Cardinal George whose leadership with the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops confronted the abuse scandal, pushed Catholic Schools, fought the powerful Abortion Industry of Planned Parenthood, stood for the sanctity of marriage, and itegrity of the Church during a time of secularist persecution.

Cardinal Dolan can thank Cardinal George for falling on most of the barbed wire for him. The Cardinal Bernardin part he is handling easily and with aplomb; the Cardinal George part will really test his place in American History.

Personally, I think that Cardinal Tim Dolan will do us all proud. Almost as proud as Francis Cardinal George.


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