Friday, February 10, 2012

Jews and Catholics in the Same Boat on Lake Progressive America ( It Ain't No Ark)

The idea that a mainstream American church would engage in this sort of abuse of Jews and the Jewish state is shameful. Jonathan Tobin Commentary

Jonathan Tobin and many other Jews are perplexed by Christians who are not evangelical or Roman Catholic. Big Club, pal.

The mainstream Churches of whom Mr. Jonathan Tobin speaks are the same folks that kept Catholics and Jews out of the YimKa! The YMCA!!!!! The Mainstream Progressive Christian Churches were always happy to oblige Planned Parenthood in keeping down the Negro population, because they could get nowhere with Jews and Catholics.

Yep, the butt-neckid swimmers at the Y did not welcome Yids or Fish Eaters. Abby's Irish Rose worked on Broadway, but not at the local Y.

On the south side, Leo High School had a much better in door swimming pool, anyway. And you wore swimming trunks. We also had Ridge Park for indoor swimming or Memorial Park in Blue Island for out door swimming.

The Churches of Sinclair Lewis's Babbitt always welcomed Progressive anything. Presbyterians shrugged off the Scottish "Wee Kirk in the Dell" tartan long ago in America and embrace the KKK as well as the YMCA to keep America Healthy and 100% American! Methodists, United Church of Christ also shed and reptilian immigrant traits and coalitioned up with APA Progressive America.

The fashionable Christian Churches also managed to lure many Catholics away from the Paddy, Giuseppe, Stash and Vitus identity. Back of the Yards Eddie Cullen of De La Salle Institute matriculated to University of Chicago and became E. Claude Cullen, III, Esq. after U f C Law and is the Beverly Community Chairman of Call of to Action*.

Call to Action are Catholic Unitarians - upset that Jesus, Peter, James and John & the other guys were not women, gay or at least gender neutral.

Likewise Jewish Kid like Dovid Voorsanger, ran from Dad the Kantor at 76th & Euclid to become Dave Kant, President of Chicago Chapter ACLU.

The ACLU is crazy on steroids, or what happens when glue-sniffers start wearing suits.

Dave and E. Claude worked with Miss Raven NightGoat to help pass Illinois Lesbian War Memorial and Safe Driver Legislation.

It should come as no surprise whatsoever that Presbyterian U.S.A. and the other faith communities under secularist Progressive Doctrine (see National Council of Churches) finding fault with Israel and Jews who follow the Faith. These are the folks that built the YMCA. These are the Ecumenical folks, unless the issue happens to be abortion, homosexual marriage, capitalism, and common sense. Therefore, Israel is in the jackpot. Likewise, a Bill Moyer can stare longingly into the brown eyes of Pastor Jeremiah Wright and swoon like Archie gazing at Betty. Makes as much sense as Liberation Theology - black, white, or rainbow.

Jews and Catholics are in the same boat with most evangelical Christians - a stiff-necked people one and all.

Mr. Tobin concludes:

While this has nothing to do with the beliefs, let alone the actions of the overwhelming majority of American Presbyterians, it goes without saying the responsibility for policing these institutions belongs to church members. Because Jewish community relations professionals have failed to get the church hierarchy to act on this question up until now, it is up to the rank-and-file to speak out against this behavior and see that it ends. Those Presbyterians who say they wish to live in fellowship with their Jewish neighbors are obligated to ensure their church does not engage in anti-Semitism or support an economic war on the Jewish state. On this point, there can be no middle ground. The church must repudiate these extremists who have appropriated their good name to promote a hateful cause.
Don't hold your breath, there Jonathan. remember Progressives have the verifiable satisfying outcomes and you have only the truth.

That stiff-neckedness helped keep on our swimming trunks, believe it or not. The more things change the more they remain the same.

* Call to Action:Mission
Call To Action educates, inspires and activates Catholics to act for justice and build inclusive communities through a lens of anti-racism and anti-oppression principles.

Call To Action will be the leader in challenging Catholics to act for justice and build inclusive communities
An Open Letter to President Obama
"We support marriage equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people not in spite of being Catholic, but because we are Catholic. As Catholics, we believe that we are all beloved children of God, and we want the laws of our land to mandate fairness, justice, and equality for all."

To read the full Open Letter, click here.

Support Women's Ordination and Fr. Roy!
Sign this petition that will be hand-carried by Fr. Roy Bourgeois, his lawyer and church justice leaders to the Vatican in October as part of a delegation witnessing for women's ordination.

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