Saturday, December 01, 2007

Quigley's Lunch ! Hold The Turtle!

Mike Quigley Knows what he wants; it's up to all the rest of us to figure out what it is.

We get that from following Quigley's sluggy political trail through the pages of the Chicago newspapers. The Chicago Reader is a good jumping off point because eventually the Sun Times will do a bowdlerized version of what Ben Joravsky writes and then someone will read that piece to Andy Shaw and he will go on to jaw-bone endlessly about the issue or position on WTTW until Kate Grossman gives Andy the skunk eye. Kate seems to be about the only human being capable of shutting that Walking Windpipe up. Back to the 'Man Who Would be - Something!'

( Click on my post title - Ben is helping Quigley as always - Mike Madigan is getting some from the Uriah Heep of Illinois Politics)

Here is a tale that worked it's way out here to the 19th Ward.

Mike Quigley had a taste for some soup - like he wanted to be Alderman of Helen Schiller's Ward; Cook County Sheriff; and now President of the Cook County Board; tomorrow - Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler - like Dave Orr's Patrone Hugo Chavez - sold Mayor Dave those swell ballot machines, Hugo did.

After a hard morning of trying to reach the elevator buttons in the County Building, Mike broke for lunch; piston-ed his stumpy legs to Marquette Inn on Washington Street. After about a forty five minute walk, Mike arrived hungry for some soup - he needed meat - he was sure of it - Turtle soup!

Commissioner Quigley ordered up - 'I'll have a big bowl of Turtle soup!'

Waitress Marnina - 'You sure honey! Abderos! Big Turtle Soup for the Commish!'

Mike opened and read the Sun Times - The Independent - Progressive Conscience of the City! ( Jesus, that kills me every time I say it)and all of the nice things Mark Brown and Cheryl Reed had to say about him. It dawned on Mike Quigley - 'The Voters! The Citizens! Pea! I want Pea Soup!'

Before Marnina brought the huge steamy bowl of Turtle soup to Quigley's table, the Commissioner ( with the Taxpayers in mind) shouted - 'No Pea - I want Pea Soup!'

The waitress who had long served the quicksilver changeling Commissioner, in turn, shouted to Abderos!

'Abderos! Hold the Turtle and Make it Pea!'

Kate Grossman - slowly explain this one to Andy before he tells it to Joel Weisman.

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