Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Alaister McLean Studge - The Kankakee Naturalist

Alaister McLean Studge of Custer Park, Illinois could Texas Rig his line for Smallies on the Kankakee River within eight seconds, unless, as a matter of course, he had spent the morning at Park Package Liquors in Altorf, the 102 Tap ( Now T.J. Doolins in Bourbonnais), or had Peach Schappsed his breakfast.

This Kankakee River fisherman served as a River Guru for my pal Charlie Olson, cousin Willie Winters and me on our many forays to hook 'em in the mouth on the Mighty Kankakee. From the 102 Bridge and Warner Road to the Wilmington Dam we waded and night lined our way into gilled ecstasies with Zebcos, Shimanos and Shakespeares depending upon the landscape.

Alaister never changed with the times and practiced his drunk driving with an outlaw's disdain for the passing of ages, morals, Laws and sensibilities and finally had his license to drive in the State of Illinois Revoked.

That did not stop the plucky outdoors man from harrowing Nature's treasure trove. He continues to fish and hunt and trap along the North flowing Kankakee.

Recently Alaistar bagged a buck and brought his trophy home, strapped across the front of his vehicle. The Photo above shows the triumphant pioneer making his way home from the fields and forests around Papineau, Illinois wheeling the many miles to Custer Park with meat for his rustic locker on the west bank of the Kankakee River.

God speed Alaister and Happy Holidays! Do not Drive! Never Drive under the influence of Alcohol or any other Substance! All of Us! Road Loading has gone the way of the carburetor

You may see this River Ranger in and out about Kankakee County and if you are lucky he may impart the words so often related to Charlie Olson, Willie Winters and me as we learned the sylvan rites:

'Stay on the right; the water's wetter, but don't let them dang bugs up much for air'll the smallies will 'spect something. Wonder Bread's good alot , but Lord Clavert's better - Here Boy! - May The Lord ( Canadian Lord Calvert)be With You! Tug it up! What's your problem? Huh, You Better'n me? Smart Ass College Not Know Doodly? Huh? I love you Man. Think I wet myself.'

Photo of Alaister McLean Studge courtsey of Mike McQuade - California Naturalist, Tobbaconist, Jeweler's Eyed Judge of Toothsome Wenches and Hops Aficionado.

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