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Chorito Hog Leg - For Last Minute Christmas Giving

I wrote a swell historical novel. Here are three reviews from Amazon Dot Com. If you are looking for a book to give that special someone this Holiday Season give this eye and brain candy a whirl. It is a veritable stocking stuffer of historical WWII, Illinois and Chicago lore. The Lovely Allison Platt of the Bookies Paperbacks and More has a great stock at

The Bookies
2419 W. 103rd Street
Chicago Illinois 60655

The Chorito Hog Leg, Book One: A Novel of Guam in Time of War is available at Borders, Barnes and Noble, Target and on the Web through Amazon or directly from Author House. Here are the links:

Here's three reviews East Coast, West Coast and right here in Chicago:

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Outstanding novel of Guam in World War Two, June 27, 2007
By Ironmike (California)

Mr Hickey has written a splendid novel dealing with Guam, it's inhabitants, the brutal Japanese garrison and the Marines that will land and take the island.
Some very intense combat sequences, plenty of colorful dialog and down right funny one liners from gruff old Marines that will get you grinnin' if you have ever been in the service.
Well worth reading and the sequel is due up later in 2007.
The meaning of the book's title will be revealed as you read as Pat Hickey weaves a compelling web of characters, the tale of the 1860 Colt revolver, its previous owners, the Japanese and the Marines who risk their lives in 1944. Brutal, honest and well-researched.
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US Marine Corps Band of Brothers, April 23, 2007
By Old Geezer "Old Geezer" (New Haven, CT USA)

Riveting portrayal of WWII Pacific combat operations. Excellent character development, based upon interviews with veterans of the invasion of Guam. Ultra realistic combat scenes immerse the reader in the random violence of war. The best novel I have enjoyed since Cold Mountain. Can't wait for Book 2. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews
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A Chicago artist's tribute to the "Corps" / WWII, May 8, 2007
By Cheryl A. Tully "Martin J. Tully" (Chicago, Il.)

It is undeniable that Pat Hickey is a South Side of Chicago writer. His recollections from the old Gresham neighborhood read like a side story throughout this captivating tale of days when men were men.

Hickey's penchant for names and facts from Chicago's history during a time of war are also vivid and, to this reader, allow time to reflect on some of the "good times" spent as a youngster growing up in the neighborhood.

The author warns early on in the "About the Author" section (see back inside page) that his style employs the "intrusive narrator" technique.
I believe he carries it out beautifully and to be honest should have used it more freely. It was a refreshing connection with the reader.

I was most impressed by the seemingly meticulous research Hickey put into his work. The decriptions of planes, both Japanese as well as American, naval vessels, armaments, and "vocabulary" were extremely well done.

Without giving the plot line away, if you are a Marine, Navy, or a general WWII buff... If you enjoy the "Grunt" point of view in armed conflict...and if you enjoy the days when a man's word was gospel. This is a book to enjoy.

I am looking forward to the second book of this set.

Martin Tully

Have a Very Merry Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! The Gratuitous Santa and Baby Photo comes courtesy of Connecticuts Arch Patriot and Christain Gentleman - Frank Nofsinger! Que Hombre! Felis Navidad, Pancho!

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