Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Flint! Where's the paper work?

Old Timey Gator rassler and radical Lawyer Flint Taylor sitting on a victim of animal abuse and his client's expectations - No Settlement Leroy - Flint screeeeeeeeeewed the pooch!

Ace Radical Old Timey Lawyer and Gator Rassler, G ( Goofed Leroy!) Flint Taylor wanted to settle; needed to settle;Nay, demanded to settle; screamed, spit and hissed at every News Cast that we can't handle the settlement - like a cue-tipped, pasty Jack Nicholson!

“There should be indictments and prosecutions of Burge and his men for obstruction of justice, perjury and conspiracy,” said Flint Taylor, Orange’s attorney. He called for hearings for the 25-30 black men imprisoned after allegedly being tortured into confessions of crimes they didn’t commit.

But . . . Flint Screwed the Pooch:

Meanwhile, Orange’s lawyer failed to produce a properly drafted document giving him power of attorney to settle, Georges said.
From today's Tribune - click for the background story -BTW: the Chicago Sun Times merely states -

an attorney for one of the plaintiffs had not been able to produce a power of attorney executed by his client, a form that would demonstrate he had the authority to settle the case.
Come on Frannie that's Flint Taylor!

He might have been exhausted from rassling Gator and Frank Avila for some of the nickles that spilled.

Leroy call a lawyer.

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