Wednesday, December 12, 2007

McCain - Talk Straight and Avoid Getting Mitt in the Wringer

A good old south side Chicago aphorism - and I am sure that it is around Shelbyville, Georgia, Kenosha, WI, Alhambra, CA as well- goes: 'tell the truth and you won't need a good memory.' Now, what in the hell was I talking about? Oh, Yeah!

McCain - John McCain. McCain continues to speak directly to the American people here's a bit on what he had to say about the real threat to the American economy:

"We're one successful attack away from an economic crisis," McCain said, adding that US enemies knew the damage a disruption of supplies would wreak on the US economy from Islamist Terror.

While other Republican candidates have been reluctant to lay out policies to combat global warming, or questioned the science behind claims that mankind is a major contributor to climate change, McCain has called for action.

"It is a serious and urgent economic, environmental and national security challenge," he said.

McCain has called for a plan to limit carbon emissions by using market forces to develop advanced technology and nuclear energy to reduce US reliance on foreign oil.

Poor Old Mitt got caught having a few brain cramps this past weekend. Speak straight and you won't need to recall - It will keep them out of the Wringer. 'Only Suckers Beef, Mitt!'

Give Brad Marston's great site Azamatteroffact's latest post on Mitt's scrambel with the facts: Brad is working like three Kerrymen fighting over a shovel, when the boss say's 'half of you get to work!' The man is Mad for the Work, So he is!

As always click me post title for the whole tale.

God, wouldn't you just love to slap me for using that fake brogue - I know I would - hell, it's early.

High Five to Guntotinliberal for the photo of Mitt spinning to the pooch.

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