Friday, December 28, 2007

McCain Leads from out Front!

Meghan McCain's great photo of two Great Americans!

“It has very little to do with national security issues,” Mr. McCain said. “It has a lot to do with handling a post-crisis. As far as I know, Mayor Giuliani has never been to Iraq.”

The assassination of former Prime Minister Benizar Bhutto, a courageous and thoughtful woman, by Islamist Terrorists brought home to America the very real need for a leader steeped in awareness of global threats- A Leader who prepares for the threats to come and prepared to react to crises before they impact on American Interests and safety. John McCain has his Straight Talk to Iowa, where on weeks ago he had been written off.

Senator Joe Lieberman had this to say about John McCain's ability to the American People:

As President, John McCain will bring America together again. He will inspire a new American unity and a new American patriotism. He will push all of us to work together to solve our biggest problems, and defeat our most dangerous enemies.

Throughout our history, succeeding generations of brave Americans have risked their lives for the cause of freedom -- which is America's cause. Throughout his career, from the ranks of the military to halls of the Congress, John McCain has made freedom's cause his own. He learned the ideals of patriotism and service from his father, he taught them to his sons, and he will hold those ideals high as an inspiration for all Americans.

When others were silent, and it was thought politically unpopular, John had the courage and common sense to sound the alarm about the mistakes we were making in Iraq and to call for more troops and a new strategy there. And when others wavered, when others wanted to retreat from the field of battle, John had the courage and the common sense to stand against the tide of public opinion and support the surge in Iraq, where we are at last winning.

There are many fine people running for President. Many of them are good friends of mine. But I have concluded -- and I hope you will, as well -- that John McCain is the candidate who can best reunite our country and lead us to victory.;jsessionid=0FBAEB2EB62135EE1A302BE1535D8C95
Every candidate is a public service Patriot. Every person in the mix for the votes of American People for the Office of President has the will to lead, but only John McCain has the qualifications to 'protect, preserve and defend' ur American Republic.

Click on my post title for the New York Times report the opening of John McCain's Iowa run.

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