Monday, December 03, 2007

McCain Is the Right Guy!

Illinois Libertarian Blog eminence grise , Bill Baar mentioned that I might be right - about John McCain. That's two for me.

In 1983, I asked the beautiful and talented Mary Elizabeth Cleary to marry me, after a long courtship - I gave her plenty of wiggle room. That was # 1. I was as right as I could be.

I have always voted Democratic and I really like and admire Barack Obama and was delighted by his appeal to all Americans. However, I believe that he was pushed into this run by the goofs who have held my Party captive for much too long.

John McCain is the guy. Of the entire field of candidates - John McCain is the only candidate capable of leading America in time of War on Islamist Terror.

McCain is the candidate to define America's course in this war and who can successfully execute a a conclusion to that war. It is not Iraq - it is not Afghanistan - it is a world wide war. The Democratic Party in Captivity merely shouts out limited and immediate feel good tactics - overlooking the big picture.

Others, like Ron Paul, want to appeal to the masses Huey Long-style. Get out now! What then?

McCain is the guy.

Click on my post title for Illinois Review's contrarian take on all this McCain Resurgent Reportage.

I'm not saying that I'm right. I am saying that John McCain has my full and unconditional support.


Steve Nizer said...

I'm still amazed at the number of Democrats I run into who profess to admire McCain up here in Maine. Although some can't get past the war.

pathickey said...


John McCain is being very well received by the families in the 3rd Congressional District that is traditionally Democratic.

I'm drawing the Republican ballot this Feb. 5th.

Bill Baar said...

eminence grise... I had to google it to figure out what you meant Pat, and sure enough, he's bald like me too...

pathickey said...

eminence grise - the grey eminence or 'the power behind the throne'!