Thursday, December 27, 2007

Maverick McCain Pulling in the Chips in Iowa

The Maverick Brothers were all 'tall dark strangers there' but John McCain is one of the neighbors and he's pulling in piles of chips in the No Limit Game in Iowa!

I hope all of you had a Blessed and wonderful Christmas! John McCain appears to be pulling in numbers in Iowa.

Here in Illinois State Representative Jim Durkin is getting the McCain Team limbered up for a bi-partisan push that will stun the Daily Kososovans who continue to natter on about Gen. Petreaus and the cut-and-run strategy for Iraq.

Sorry kids, that dog won't bark, let alone get off the rug, or much less hunt.

It seems that the 'white shoes after Labor day' GOP are yet betrothed to Rudy and truly extreme are following Ron Paul's Blimp to the cliff. Fred gets a shout; Mitt has some loyal followers; Rev. Huckabee a loyal circle of disciples, but John McCain is recognized as the Real Deal.

The folks west of the Mississippi are waking up to John McCain's honest, tough and straight talking message! Click on my post title for the latest UPI story on McCain gains in Iowa!

Great photo from Meghan McCain!

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