Sunday, December 23, 2007

John McCain - The Dad of Our Country

Susan Estrich has a great article asking the question of 'Who is the Real John McCain?' Is John McCain too conservative; too liberal; too crabby; too impolitic; not smooth enough; too old? Click on my post title for the article itself.

Some months ago when 'John McCain is Toast' was the mantra of REDSTATE and Redstaters during the votes on immigration reform. I argued that John McCain was the only candidate of any Party capable of Leading America in Time of War on Islamist Terror. I had an exchange with some Redstaters and was summarily banned from posting there.

Here is the link of that exchange with some RedStater McCain Haters that got me the bum's rush.

John McCain might not be the Father of Our Country - biologically, there can be only one father, but too many fathers hit the silk on their kids - leaving them to be raised by a Dad: The Man who sets the limits for behavior; provides the comfort and security of a Home; fixes what is broken; steps up for the children; and sets an example to emulate. He's the guy who makes you boil with anger, embarrasment and often envy when it seems that his behavior is too tough a pattern for us to follow. We think - 'how dare HE judge us?' Dad is often the very last person on earth we want to see or hear from - until we are in the jackpot and only he can get us out of it. Boy, I can hear the Progressive Pecksniffery snortin up - 'Are we Children, People ( pronounced Papal in Progressive)? My Baldwin! Relax, cupcakes. Everyone has a Father - no real trick to that - pure Darwinism. The very lucky have a Dad and they understand what it takes to be a good one.

George Washington metaphorically fathered our nation, but John McCain just might be the Dad. The economy, immigration, entitlements, political pork feasts, ox gorings and moral soap boxing are over-shadowed by a very real threat -Islamist terror. We have been at War with Islamist Terror the day that the Twin Towers went down. Everything else went by the board - rather it should have gone by the board.

John McCain is like a good Dad - in past posts I have argued that he is like all of our neighbors -

- but here I would answer Susan Estrich's question with John McCain is the Dad of Our Nation.

John McCain went to War. He wears his heart on his sleeve for his Country, Faith, Wife and Family. He learns from his mistakes and teaches us not to make the same mistakes. John McCain, like a good Dad, will not cut and run when things get too tough.

I was never more Proud of my Father than this moment in the late 1950's -

When I was about six or seven, my mother had severe renal failure after giving birth to my little sister. My Mom nearly died and was hospitalized for weeks. The Old Man worked three jobs and took care of two little guys and an infant; made the meals - He was always a better cook than Mom; did the laundry.

One day- Dad was out hanging the sheets in the yard and my brother and I heard the next door truck driver and the Peoples Gas executive on the other side of him giving out at the Old Man - 'Hey Prudence, when you're done with that how about having tea with the little girls too?' The Old Man took it and kept taking care of us.

John McCain and my Dad are very much alike.

Hat Tip to Meghan McCain's Great Blog ! Photos by Meghan McCain!

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