Sunday, December 16, 2007

McCain Bests Polls and Snaps Two Huge Endorsements - Straight Talk, Boys and Girls!

John McCain hooked two Huge Endorsements out in New England and in Iowa. My pal Brian McGrory's Boston Globe was the whale! The Boston Globe sited straight talk and rock-solid integrity -

On McCain, the newspaper said in an editorial, "the iconoclastic senator from Arizona has earned his reputation for straight talk by actually leveling with voters, even at significant political expense."

The Des Moines Register was equally as impressed -

The newspaper said none of the Republican candidates could offer the "tested leadership in matters foreign and domestic" of McCain, an Arizona senator and former prisoner of war in Vietnam.

It cited his willingness to adopt contrarian views, including bucking his party to oppose President George W. Bush's tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, support Bush's decision to increase troop strength in Iraq and support comprehensive immigration reform.

"The force of John McCain's moral authority could go a long way toward restoring Americans' trust in government and inspiring new generations to believe in the goodness and greatness of America," the paper said.

Here in Illinois State Rep. Jim Durkin (R), John McCain Illinois Chairman, is reaching out to Democrats like me and my kids to support an American who can and will lead all citizens.

John McCain speaks to Americans and Americans respond to someone who shares their concerns and willingness to actually do something beyond words, blimps, gimmicks and spin. This Presidential Election just might signal a coming together of the wonderful people of this great country.

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