Saturday, December 08, 2007

G. ('Gimme!') Flint Taylor and Gator Bradley Brawl for Patterson Settlement!

Old Timey Radical Lawyer G. Flint Taylor readies to battle Gator Bradley!

Gator's fighting Avila for 250,000 George Washington's , or Urbanly Translated - 2,500 Benjamins!

But Flint is ready to pounce!

"The real money grubbers in this case aren't on our side of the fence. They're on the other side of the fence. And they're all financed by the city and the county. That's the financial bottom line of this case."

This just in from the Official Paper of the Thug Comfort Zone - Chicago Sun Times

Three of the alleged victims have remained free, but Patterson is serving a 30-year prison term on gun and drug charges.

In one of the strange twists in Patterson's civil case, a judge allowed Wallace "Gator" Bradley, a former gang enforcer, to sit in court with Patterson's attorney as an "urban translator" to control the volatile defendant. Now Bradley says Patterson's attorney, Frank Avila, owes him $250,000 for his work. Avila and Flint Taylor, Patterson's former lawyer, are fighting over their share of the legal fees.

Click my post title for the whole righteous tale from the Thug Comfort Zone, LLC.

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Anonymous said...

I can agree with you that:
1) Flint Taylor is money hungry and unethical.
2) Much (or at least some) of the claims of abuse are law suit driven and are not from innocent men
3) It is hard to be Sheriff and Police either in enforcement or jail as there are hard core animals of every race and economic background although especially of minority and specifically African American (based on statistics) and lower income. It is not easy to catch or certainly not easy to house and punish these people who indeed are human beings but also violent and dangerous ones.

This does not mean that Jon Burge did not abuse people.
This does not mean that there is not injustice or innocent men in jail or guilty men who were abused.
It does not mean that even the worse criminals are not human beings and citizens of the United States (at least some are citizens non-citizens notwithstanding) deserving are rights.

The jail has problems as any jail of that size would. Part of it is overcrowding which could be blamed on the criminals themselves, the judges who sentence some people to harshly, the lawyers and judges that leave people on 26th street instead of going to trial, freeing them, or sending them to the state prison system.

Also, some people like non-violent drug offenders should be in rehabilition and not jail. Some of the crimes that are in jail should not be (although many others are and there are brutally violent and dangerous people that need to be separated from society)

Much of Flint Taylor's claims are false or at least exxxxagerated.
However, at least some of them are based in a modicum of truth.

If Dante were to re-write the Infierno--Flint Taylor, Locke Bowman, Joey Mogul and many of the others from Northwestern, U of C, and the MacCarthur foundation would be placed in hell where they would be daily victims of brutal crimes and the criminals would get off. Alton Logan was also a victim not only of the system and the CPD and the State's Attorney but also of John Stranthorpe and Flint Taylor. Many crimes have gone unpunished and many innocent people are in jail because of Flint Taylor and the Wilson brothers and many of these other killers, arsonists, rapists, etc.

However, again, that does not mean there is not police abuse, police corruption, problems at the jail (but problems do not mean systematic or some system wide problem per se), or that Jon Burge is innocent--Jon Burge is a brutal man and the evidence is overwhelming. This does not mean there is not racism nor that a spotlight on wrongdoing is necessarily or always bad.

Gator Bradley is a minor and almost irrelevant player and is certainly not Jean Valjean.
Gator Bradley believes that Larry Hoover is a political prisoner and that is absurd. However, it was ILGOP Governor Jim Thompson that pardoned him and thus he has no conviction record legally although he is perceived by authorities (although not convicted) of being (still) a member of the GDs (Gangster Disciples).

Feliz Navidad, I wish you a Merry Christmas, from the bottom of my heart

May Nuestra Senora de Knock ruega por nosotros