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Tribune's Kevin Pang Gets it Right - Cop takes a bite out of crime!,1,2880309.story

Kevin Pang of the Chicago Tribune does a nicely crafted bit of journalism in his August 9,2007 report on the ticketing of the Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon whose drivers decided that the working people of Chicago 'can go around' Corporate Power!

Kevin crafts some wonderfully meaty tropes in a very clear report. This writer is solid.

Also, another good Chicago writer, Second City Cop, reports on the west-side outrage, cattle-prodded into mob action by Brownie's Chicago Tonic - Al Sharpton and the long-absent Meal-ticket howler Rev. Paul Jakes on WVON yesterday. Didn't he fade after it appeared that he pumped a couple of 9mms into his own car when running for office? It think that it took place over in Washington Heights - Oh, well!

The Working Man's Pal gave the Lawsuit Lotto Lawyer Plumber's Helper a page two (2) boost on it's print edition - that no one is buying at the White Hen (giggle). However, NOTHING on the web????? Sun Times reporter Annie Sweeney wedged in a some of the truth in her Friday report and deserves a pat on the shoulder - as it appears now that the late Mr. Harrison was not, in fact 'shot in the back' but in the upper shoulder, as CPD had reported.

An autopsy by the Cook County medical examiner's office ruled that Aaron Harrison died from a gunshot wound to his back, a point that residents have seized on as they have protested the shooting.

But on Thursday, a police source said Harrison, 18, was struck at the top of his left shoulder, not in the back. This is consistent with the police version of the Monday night shooting that Harrison turned a weapon on police before he was shot, the source said.

The CST editors are leaving AL and Fred Hampton and Paul Jakes out of the web news on a Saturday????? Moist Muffins, Martha! What's up with that? Keepin' it Real?

Second City Cop gets it right. In a better world reporters would actually talk to Police Officers instead of verbally baiting them. Maybe Annie Sweeney and Kevin Pang will start a trend in journalism towards responsible citizenship. Quien Sabe?

18th Century Genius Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote of the dangers to citizens of his London due to the artifically polluted political atmosphere thick with 18th Century Sharptons, Hamptons, and Jakes' - the criminal was afoot, because he was protected by activists, hack journalists and corrupt politicians:

London: An Imitation of Juvenal's 3rd Satire

Prepare for Death, if here at Night you roam,
And sign your Will before you sup from Home.
Some fiery Fop, with new Commission vain,
Who sleeps on Brambles till he kills his Man;
Some frolick Drunkard, reeling from a Feast,
Provokes a Broil, and stabs you for a Jest.
Yet ev'n these Heroes, mischievously gay,
Lords of the Street, and Terrors of the Way;
Flush'd as they are with Folly, Youth and Wine,
Their prudent Insults to the Poor confine;
Afar they mark the Flambeau's bright Approach,
And shun the shining Train, and golden Coach.

In vain, these Dangers past, your Doors you close,
And hope the balmy Blessings of Repose:
Cruel with Guilt, and daring with Despair,
The midnight Murd'rer bursts the faithless Bar;
Invades the sacred Hour of silent Rest,
And plants, unseen, a Dagger in your Breast.

Mad Love to Doc Johnson! Dog was Whack!

The Crown Heights Prince of Discord has even more like minded goofs crowding 'Preferments Gate' in tow - including Grant Newburger a Marxist carpetbagger that ABC 7 seems to like a real lot. It's a Big Tent for Al's Circus -

Read about Grant Newburger - Richard "Grant" Newburger seems as sincere as Jon Loevy and the other clowns popping out of the lawsuit VW!

Note to Corporate @ Oscar Meyer - Little Oscar would NEVER have double parked the Weiner Wagon in such a cavalier and desperate manner! I wonder if these current double parking drivers have contacted Jon Loevy? Maybe their repressed memories can scare up some long imagined electrodes on their weinies.

Remember, Boys and Girls, what old Dr. Johnson saw in London - it is the atmosphere artificially created by creeps- that creates the crime. That is why there are robberies, gang atrocties, drive-bys, beat-downs, racial division. Criminals and thugs will act, because they feel safe to do so. If we accept the filthy fingers controlling the thermostat, then we should not complain about the heat.

Here's a shout out to my Ameritech watchers in Bensenville and Naperville! Now, who's afraid of Free Speech? Just a working man's opinion on public events! I hope you kids ( lawyers?)enjoy the prose!

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