Monday, August 20, 2007

Chicago Media to Blame for What Will Happen

These Chicago Police Officers Helped Katrina Victims - that was before they were portrayed by Chicago Media as Racist Murderers. Chicago Media have much to answer for- but, since they control information, they ain't talking.

The Sunday Edition Sun Day Sun Times Commentary again bashed Chicago Police Officers and called for a Seattle Solution and Transparency. Really. The open meeting of the Police Board was a shining example of what the foolish in Chicago Media, particularly the Chicago Sun Times, have done to tell the worst elements in our society that they can do, say, and get away with in Chicago. Police Officers are marginalized thanks to the Chicago Media.

Vice-Lords, website Reverands, thugs and romantic Leftists ( seeking those halcyon days of 60's yore) called for the murder of a police officer in full view and hearing of the media covering that event - they did not print or cropped from the video that fact. No News is Our News. News fit to frame only.

The Sunday Commentary and CST Commisar Reed's demand for a 'Seattle Solution' to Chicago's race problem kicked up a notch by Reed's own efforts:

From 8/19/07 Commentary:

Thursday's meeting of the Chicago Police Board was a prime example of how Chicago's cops have copped out. The board abruptly adjourned after a mere 20 minutes, apparently unable to handle tough questions surrounding the controversial shooting of 18-year-old Aaron Harrison earlier this month. Activists and residents, demanding the name of the officer who fired the fatal shot, were just too unruly, police said.

Yes, some in the crowd spoke out of turn. And the audience included protesters known to make the average cop groan. But considering the tensions in the North Lawndale neighborhood, the Police Board should have endured some uncomfortable moments and listened to residents. The outbursts certainly didn't merit the nine members getting up and filing out the side door.

In fact, the group's frustration mounted when the board looked the other way. Only then did they approach officers and start chanting in protest.
To its credit, the board did acknowledge the crowd's concerns and acting Police Supt. Dana Starks even told them the case was a "high priority" for the department.

Harrison was shot Aug. 6 as he ran from police. The medical examiner determined he was hit in the upper rear shoulder -- which would be consistent with the police explanation that Harrison was shot as he was turning toward them pointing a gun. Many neighborhood residents say the fact that Harrison was hit in the back proves that the shooting was not justified, as police contend.

As we noted on this page last week, we think a public hearing should be held any time a police officer kills a civilian. We give police great power and latitude to protect us, and rightly so, but with that should be a responsibility to publicly explain why that power was used. A hearing would be far superior to what we have now, which essentially boils down to the police saying, "Trust us."

For instance, why is it that we know virtually nothing about the cop who pulled the trigger and shot Harrison
Emphasis my own;

Like his phone number and address?? What a stupid statement! Do you know the people that you are calling 'activists and concerned citizens?' Sweet Jesus, A real pro like Neil Steinberg nails down all the corners of story BEFORE it rolls back up on him. He's about the last Man on your bench to bother checking the facts. Steinberg gets it right and reports on it.

Did reporters covering this disgraceful activism do due diligence on the people suggesting that the Gun Turn-in Program is a Police Dodge to Use 'Drop Guns' and plant evidence? Why did the Sun Times not print the chants calling for the murder of the police? Transparency? Why Not UFO complicity in this Police coverup? It would make as much sense as your Starbucks Defence System!

My neighborhood is home to many, many Chicago Police Officers - black, white, Hispanic, bikers, PBS subscribers, male and female. Very few of those residents work in the 22nd District. Two weeks ago, two black officers ( a male and female) helped my son when he was assaulted and robbed by four black young men one block from home. That was the second such blacks ( pl.) on his singular white hinny beating. However, Race did not enter the picture whatsoever in their concern for his cuts and lumps and professional interrogation of him about his attackers - Thank you Officers of 22nd District ( Kudos to Pat Garrity -Commander -thankless job Commander)!

The Police are concerned for all citizens. But that is not enough for jerks and the 'I want it right Now!' activists. The Police were unable to catch the four guys who beat and robbed my son. My son is alive, not breathing through tubes, and has all his working parts. Lost an IPOD and Cell phone - big deal. He was set upon by gutless thugs and fought off worse damage to himself. BTW- he's not scanning Aryan Nation websites - good man!

The Police work very hard, but they are up against the Media, the idiot Politicians, the Lawyers and the Criminals. Sometimes the bad guys win. These two black officers were unable to catch my son's attackers ( that was the second such attack on him by black robbers who came into the neighborhood to assault kids - white and black- because the thugs know the shift change patterns in what are deemed to be low crime precints and beats). Durkin Park happens every day.

More so, Police are becoming more and more demoralized by the continued stupid and misleading assaults on them by the Chicago Media ( TV and Print). Do your job as an Officer and you can be tried in the public eye by the Media and sued by the jackel-lawyers the Media shill for - lose your home, your pension, if not your very life.

When confidence in Law Enforcement is artificially undermined, citizens lose. Criminals are liars and sneaks at the core of their natures. They are not Jean Valjeans stealing loaves of bread to feed their children. They are bullying thugs who do not fight, rather they swarm their victims. They are cowards who hide behind the Nine and, when that jams, the very Laws that they violate! The members of the Complicit Media are worse, because they should know better. These crimes are on the Media, because you chose to play ball with the worst elements in our society.

When race-hustlers, street-gang members, criminal opportunists and Lotto Ticket Lawsuit Lawyers have been handed over the Keys of the City by the Media, Chicagoans can expect more beat-downs, drive-bys, robberies and outright murders. If a riot occurs in Chicago, citizens can lay the blame squarely at the feet of Chicago Media. This one is on you - the Media.

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