Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our Next Progressive Cleric

I can not wait for tomorrow's front page announcement:

Here's some cool thoughts from really smart guys on religion (below): Here's Quote!

By "religion" we mean a system of cosmological propositions grounded in a belief in a transcendant power expressed through a cult of divine being and giving rise to a set of ethical prescriptions

See, Mr. Lunch Pail Murphy! You thought it meant living up to the tenets of your Faith: Go to your Synagogue, Church, Worship, Wiccan Light-Up in Mount Greenwood Cemetery, Mosque, or 12-Step Program. No way, Liversausage Sandwich Lunch Boy! It's Cosmological Propositions!

Here's how I see things coming down the pike - if only Billy Dec were Religion Editor.

Tantic Cross-dresser named Archbishop of Canterbury-on-Wabash! Liev Ulhlmann Flowers, former defensive back for the Cleveland Browns, Toronto Pole-dancer, and Community Activist will conduct High Mass Episcopal Blood Sacrifice Dance at the Daley Center at Noon in Celebration of our Continued Worship of Freak Show Diversity!
Let's Get Into It!

Oh, Let's Do!

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