Friday, August 17, 2007

Orson Welles Would Love Chicago 'Intellectual Activists'

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the latest bulletin from the Intercontinental Radio News. Toronto, Canada: Professor Morse of McMillan University reports observing a total of three explosions on the planet Mars, between the hours of 7:45 P. M. and 9:20 P. M., eastern standard time. This confirms earlier reports received from American observatories.
Now, nearer home, comes a special bulletin from Trenton, New Jersey. It is reported that at 8:50 P. M. a huge, flaming object, believed to be a meteorite, fell on a farm in the neighborhood of Grovers Mill, New Jersey, twenty-two miles from Trenton.
The flash in the sky was visible within a radius of several hundred miles and the noise of the impact was heard as far north as Elizabeth.
We have dispatched a special mobile unit to the scene, and will have our commentator, Carl Phillips, give you a word picture of the scene as soon as he can reach there from Princeton.
In the meantime, we take you to the Hotel Martinet in Brooklyn, where Bobby Millette and his orchestra are offering a program of dance music.

My Apologies - that was not Andy Shaw!

Chicago Media panders to the worst instincts and agendas in our society. Witness yesterday's moronic disruption of Police Board.,CST-NWS-shoot17.article,1,3009037.story

Another 'Intellectual Activist' ( read 'things have not worked out too well in life and so it's time to live off of taxpayers hard-earned money') Queen Sister of the It Takes A Village Organization - must be listed somewhere with the State of Illinois as a charitable foundation, I couldn't find it - argued that the recent gun collections in Chicago were the source for the obvious murder weapon:

Community activist Queen Sister of the It Takes a Village organization told the board that the community suspects that police are planting on civilians the same guns turned in during gun buy-back programs.

"We are here to question Dana Starks on the guns that come in," Sister said at a rally before the meeting.

Another Rising Star in the Intellectual pantheon - by most accounts the old, rusty triggerless guns turned in for the $100 Gift Card couldn't drop a lineman with full blown consumption from the Heidelburg College Football Team.

Orson Welles had nothing on Chairman Fred's crowd. When will the Chicago Media begin to respond to Community and Intellectual Activists with a 'thanks for your call - we'll get right on this story as soon as the Mothership takes off!'?

But the Media is just a nutty - or as dangerous. Mary Mitchell conjured up the possiblity of Race Riots:

Could we have riots?
You're not being paranoid if you're worried that there could be a repeat of the riots that broke out in predominantly black neighborhoods the '60s over police brutality.
Because when an 18-year-old black male is laid out in a casket, dead from a bullet fired by a Chicago Police officer and it is the police officer's word against the angry shouts of his relatives and community residents, it really doesn't matter what the truth is.

Ther you have the Truth does not matter - more precisely 'it really doesn't matter what the truth is.',CST-NWS-mitch16.article

Really, you can't make this stuff up! The Chicago Media does - big time! So as our children die in more drive-bys, beat-downs, race-crimes of opportunities, drive cars through crowds of kids, and Chicagoans shed more tears - look to the Chicago Media!

The Chicago Media may have much to answer for; they should.

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