Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tragedy Falls on the Common People: The Greeks and Hillary Clinton as Medea

How much I fear something will happen!
Great people's tempers are terrible, always
Having their own way, seldom checked,
Dangerous they shift from mood to mood.
How much better to have been accustomed
To live on equal terms with one's neighbors.
I would like to be safe and grow old in a
Humble way. What is moderate sounds best,
Also in practice is best for everyone.
Greatness brings no profit to people.
God indeed, when in anger, brings
Greater ruin to great men's houses. (118-130)
Euripedes Medea

Yep Them Greeks had their fingers on us Working slobs long before Progressives in American thought decided to kick down the doors of common sense by having things work every which way -Thus, ' if you do not pay taxes at all, then, you are the "working poor;" if your sons and daughters are fighting in Iraq, We must support them by undermining any and all Faith in the conduct of this horrible war; if you are a thug criminal, you are a victime of systemic racism and police abuse and if you are working police officer, you must do your assigned job of serve and protect society from the thugs so determined to be victims.' Make sense? Does to Progressives.

If you happen to disagree with Progressive thought, you are racist, an Uncle Tom, unfeeling, war-mongering, stupid, and despicable. Progressive ( not necessarily Democrat or Liberal) thought or doctrine controls the mainstream media( MSM). It's vast, but ain't no conspiracy - it's just the way it happens to be.

Today, the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President wants everyone to know about the 'vast Rightwing Conspiracy' against her - and Believe it. It's in all the papers and on TV - it must be true, as Grandma Donahue was wont to say. 'That Liberace is dating not only Sandra Dee, but having it off with Debbie Reynolds right under Eddie Fischer's nose. That Liberace is some sheik!' Yep, hey Gramaw, Dewey Won!'

Hillary Clinton is the most talented political in-fighter in this latest Presidential brawl. What she believes in is irrelvant - my guess is next to nothing and everything - so long as she scoops up power. She'd be a Republican, a Green, LaRouchie, a commie, or an Ultramontane if that is what it took. She'd make Frank Booth, Man Mountain Monahan, Tony Soprano and Blue Duck, from Lonesome Dove wet their britches. I'll bet that John McCain on his best day would opt for a couple of more weeks in the Hanoi Hilton over a couples weekend in the Hamptons with Hill and Bill. Honor bright.

She has always reminded me of Medea from Euripdes - a talented, tough broad who has been crossed by an equally talented satyr of a husband. Hill= Medea ( someone tell Tyler Perry that this is not an homage to his cross-dressing 'attitude' Ontay this is the old Greek stuff); Bill= Jason. Now, before, Progressive Harpies from some Lakefront Womens Progressive Coalition start getting knots in their Opaques, Hillary has yet to hack up her little brother and leave his bits like breadcrumbs from trip home or snuffed any of her off-spring, but she has exhibited a marked talent for revenge and pre-emptive political violence - her 'black-bag boys' were worling Chicago for skinny on Barack Obama, long-before he announced his candidacy in Springfield last November. Bill has been goating about about the nation from Harlem to Helmer getting the last bits of poison from the cloak when Monica went up in flames. The Clintons - the Greeks could have made them up!

These are some great people : who will do, say, believe and promote anything to exact punishment or snatch victory over the backs of little people. They are classically great in the Greek Tragic sense of greatness - like the guy mentions above. Obama and McCain are citizens - good guys - and certainly not Olympian upstarts. They ( either man) would work well in a Democratic Republic. The Clintons mount the big campaigns, bring home the fleece, confound Cadmus and other arch-enemies. They also bring on huge problems - that come down on necks of the average slob.


Geezer said...

Paddy Friend-
You did another master stroke with this one. Looking forward to these two jackels appearing again in a Dante comparison by your fine wit!

Geezer said...

I still think your comment, "She scares the balls off a billiard table," is a classic--