Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Original "edgey -hard-hitting" Progressive Media Man ( Woman - I Celebrate Diversity Here)

Sorry, Boys & Girls - had a too early morning's start of shaking the money trees for Leo High School and could not get to this posting until late this afternoon.

One of our pals, Dr. Wellborne N. Healled, sent this photo of what is believed to be Civilization's earliest Progressive Journalist.

Schiesskopf Universtadt's Top Forensic Analyst examining the historic skeletal find of this pre-Cromagnon ( Tempi Solii)Ink-slinger states,' that an early Law Enforcement professional criticized this cave scrawler's text by applying an Early Night Stick to the journalist's posterior lobes with enough force to stove-in the Muck-raker's paper thin skull.'

Intelligent Design - or Evolution? You decide.

Tip of the Skimmer to Mike 'Iron Mike' McQuade: Vietnam Vet, Patriot, Proud San Franciscan, Venture Capitalist, Author, and Patron of the Arts.


Anonymous said...

Great photo and commentary. I think we all know people who must be descendents of this ancestor - and from your recent posts, quite a number of the ones you know appear to work for certain Chicago newspapers.

I've appropriated your photo for a blog post of my own which took your idea in a somewhat different direction...

Fidothedog said...

The ancester of our politicians, with its head firmly lodged in a place where the sun doesn't shine.

No wonder most of them have not a clue about the real world.