Thursday, August 02, 2007


The New Chicago Sun Times is in 100% Weasel Attack Mode today - get over the Bridge in Minnesota and readers are treated to a full issue massage of THE WORKING MAN"S PAL POLICY ON SHARPTON's Shop Vacing of Taxpayers' Dollars.

Mark Brown - clips the last voice of a sane man - Neil Steinberg - with a weasel nip.
Neil took the path of common sense over the CST MINI TRU in the Aug. 1,2007 column,CST-NWS-stein01.article

Brownie went weasel on Neil:

'Somebody says New York stuff doesn't go over well in Chicago. I think that's the idea. We don't need you to like Sharpton to take an interest in what he's got in mind by coming here.'

Calls to mind a couple of years ago, when Mark Brown insulted a young woman who ran against Mark's guy Mike Quigley - the Uriah Heep of Illinois Politics. Ms Daly's Dad gave Mark a wildly public, pleasing and paternal piece of his mind, if not an inch or two of his brogans, for that weasel attack. Quigley did OK - weasels usually do.

Mark Brown also goes after local vocal citizens guilty of CST Thought Crime and silences them like Betsy Hart - the now cashiered writer and common sense advocate launched by the Lefty Fish Wrapper!

Mary Mitchell - Angry - 'Nough Said. Mary annoints Sharpton's local shill.

Esther Cepeda gives the Salud a Sharpton in the Lefty pandering to Chicago's most populous, hard-working and politically astute demographic. Esther,
Latinos are too busy working to be pawns of the Working Man's Pal. That is why Latinos are leaving other minorities in the dust and securing decades of political hegemony in Chicago! Que Populares! Well Done!

Next, our Artistic Commisars limply underhands one in as the Daley Factor tidbit- with all the pop, zip and accuracy of George Will on baseball - CST segues the sweet science. Mayor Daley opened the boxing story at his press conference yesterday, in which he pants-ed CST Weasels smartly!

BTW- I would rather be Mayor Daley's archenemy than his boon chum - it's much safer that way - however, when Mayor Daley gets it right, when he feels like it - he is on the money! Yesterday, he was ON BABY! He's bobbin'; he's weavin'; he's light on his pins; he jabs; he ducks; he fires out and WHAMMO! Knocks the Bums on their Backs and the Sun TImes is starin' up at Lights!' For the Real Deal; CHECK OUT JACK HIGGINS TODAY! Home Run, Jack! The Rev. and the Commisars ain't gonna like it.

So not to be outdone - CST tosses in a limp-wristed fight cartoon - one not done by the Brilliant Jack Higgins but another third string lightweight! Milt Priggee ( Some Handle, Bub! - from one who knows . . .) from - from - from the OH, SO PROGRESSIVE American Northwest - must be all the damp drippy weather that appeals to drips:

Milt Priggee lives in Oak Harbor, Wash., on Puget Sound. His work can be viewed at his Web site. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media These clowns out source to Apple State when thereal talent is twenty feet away! Working Man's Values by Working Man's Pal!

It's All in Today's Working Man's Pal - read it all when you get a second.

'Somebody says New York stuff doesn't go over well in Chicago. I think that's the idea. We don't need you to like Sharpton to take an interest in what he's got in mind by coming here.' WEASELS! Yikes!
In the Mean Time - The Buzzard Has Landed! NPR Gushed with G(D?) Flint Taylor offering Commentary and Flint Taylor thinks Al is swell - swell, I tells Ya! The Progressive has so many faces it's tough to get a photo - and they worry about cameras - Pshaw!

Did the Jackson Family take the Brooklyn Dodger, The Crown Heights Kristallnacht King out for some tasty Chicago Comestibles? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Sneedless to Say! DONCHA KNOW?

Common Sense Chicagoans! Keep the kids safe from weasels - The Chicago Sun Times is in Weasel DefCon 6!

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