Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Next CPD Super(star) from Sharpton????

'I have this much Love for Chicago! That's as high as the Benjamin's I'm taking outta this Burge Burg! Next Question! Juice? I'm tired of that question - the only Juice I'm interested in is the kind I take with my Bumpy Face (see link ) - Orange. Heheheheh. Oh Jews? You said Jews??? Next question.'

Brownie's Tonic will be working up some OUTRAGE over the weekend to prep for the debut on Monday. Let's think about some outrageous stuff!,CST-NWS-brown31.article

Second City Sarge tipped off this 'great trail of events' and the Working Man's Pal - The New Chicago Sun Times is strangely silent - also, very broke, bankrupt, tapioca ( TAPIOCA -A NEW FILM BY MIKE HOULIHAN - coming soon), tap-city, bereft of funds, short on the cabbage, lack of the long-green difference, shekel short, light on the lucre - and keeping its own counsel with regard to Brownie's Tonic -Rev. Al Sharpton.

METHINKS the Game's Afoot! Second City Sarge has donned his green checked deer-stalker cap, pulled the files from his well-worn Gladstone and blown the dust from them, lit his Meershaum - packed with good strong shag/cut and polished the eyeglass.
Second City Sarge found clues in the Chicago Tribune of all places! God's Wounds! There's Foul Play Rampant! Thus:

Jacquelyn Heard, Daley's press secretary, said that the mayor and Sharpton had a phone conversation Wednesday that lasted about 15 minutes, ending with an agreement to meet in the future.

"The mayor said to me that, just as he had expected, Rev. Sharpton expressed willingness to work with him on various issues," Heard said.

In an interview Tuesday, Sharpton said he was prepared to employ a variety of tactics to achieve reform.

"I'll deal with Chicago any way they see fit, from the suites to the streets," he said.

That much we do know Godfather - that much we do! However, mayhaps the Napolean of Slime placed the Mayoral call to wedge in his Chicago Centurian: Officer Shaquille O'Neill- Superintendent of Chicago Police Department! Do the purple ermine, oils, gown, orb and scepter await the Miami Mesomorph? Hmmmmmmmmm. Depends on what Sweets are those Suites and Streets! Praise the Power!

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