Tuesday, August 21, 2007

George Ryan Better Than Those Who Wish Him Pain

George Ryan was prosecuted and convicted in a Federal Case that seemed like a Show Trial, right out of Joe Stalin's playbook. I hope that Judge Michael Kanne's dissent leads to a more balanced hearing than the one Ryan received in 7th District Appeals Court.

I have met George Ryan at many wakes and weddings, in Kankakee and Joliet. He is a very nice man. I'd buy the man a steak any day, at Ken's, Krapil's, Franconello's or some such homey place reminiscent of Kings Court and Town and Country in Kankakee, if he'd allow me. George Ryan did not seem to match Gibson's or Tavern on Rush or the other news-ghoul & hustler eateries. These other fore mentioned places are where George Ryan's people eat.

The type of people who go to Ken's and other neighborhood dining spots are the people George Ryan connected to - not political allies, hangers-on or opportunists, but people like Ryan himself. I witnessed quite a few of George Ryan's many acts of kindness to people who could never do any political boon for anyone - let alone George Ryan - too numerous to catalog. He treated Joe Blow from the docks at Tenney Sales on 5th Ave. in Kankakee like he was a Sam Zell with an ink wet contribution check. Conversely, I have followed the words of many familiar voices in print that have universally called for a mighty punishment on George Ryan - most of the people writing those words seem like people that I can do without.

It seemed to me that Ryan's Judge and Federal Prosecutors were going to get George Ryan come Hell, Highwater, or the lady with the blindfold. and they did - the voices in print ( paper and electronic) - sock-puppets or anonymous back-shooters for the most part - howl in genuine agony that George Ryan has the same rights as other citizens. 'The quicker he is in jail the happier I'll be' read one such post. Must be a lovely person.

Progressives had a little thing they called reign of terror in post-Revolutionary France and Russia: kept folks scared and in 'Oh,I Agree' mode. Like-minded later-day Defarges and Berias still scream for blood and toss rose petals at the feet of their Jurists and Prosecutors with more tracks to their railroad than William S. Burroughs' inner forearm, legs and toes - but that's just me.


Marathon Pundit said...

Good post, Pat.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree.

I was a victim of George Ryan and his friends.

Initially George and his wife reached out to me, to help me, after my fall-from-grace, when I was replaced by Michael Scanlon, who became my Congressman's new Press Secretary and Publicist.

But Mr. Ryan genuflects to James R. Thompson. And I was the one who stopped Thompson from his road to the White House.

And these boys played rough with me, made me pay and pay, in every way, and still do.

I'm a female.

Briefly, I was indicted by Ryan and Thompson's buddy, hounded by the FBI (I surreptitiously audio-taped the FBI, yet another felony they could have charged me with) told to plead guilty to perjury and obstruction of justice.

Or be sent to Elgin for electroshock and drugs, then back before the judge, to again plead guilty.

During my trial, the judge snapped and sent me to prison in an attempt to get me to talk.

About what? I still don't know.

Who are my friends? I denied having any.

Ryan and Thompson and their friends just wanted me silenced, again. Labeled as a liar.

I knew the truth.

Jim Thompson had an affair with my now deceased boyfriend.

Jim Thompson supports (and I'm speculating now) child molestation, which in Illinois is known as "intergenerational mentoring" a code for pederasty.

Jim Thompson's buddies, that includes that heinous old Henry Hyde, hang out with men who have young boys for sex.

Why hang out with known pedophiles?

George Ryan is not a nice person. I know this personally.

He threw me to the wolves, because he worships Jim Thompson.

Even so, I don't want to see him in prison.

I want him to do some kind of community service for the rest of his life, where he works with the poor,the diseased, the disabled, the homeless.

I want him to bathe their sores, clean them when they are dirty, feed them when they cannot feed themselves, and tuck them in at night.

I want him to serve the poorest of the poor.

Anonymous said...

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