Sunday, August 05, 2007

I Love Animals - They're delicious! CST Letters from the Nanny State

In a Just and Perfect World!

The Working Man's Pal Prints letters that reflect 'working class values' - like Activist and Loevy & Loevy Employee Andy Thayer screaming against 'brutal' Law Enforcement Officers; Mark Brown's fungo of the really 'tough ones' on Brownie's Chicago Tonic - Al Sharpton; Cherry picked Durkin Park letters that reflect Sun Times opinion of 'clannish, close-knit ethnic Scottsdale residents; today CST is asking folks to chime-in with Mary Mitchell on a race issue - kind of like asking old Al Hitler after lighting up an Old Gold, gnawing on a Metwurst, cannon-balling down a St. Paulli Girl ' Hey, Al, how's the War Goin?'

Today in the Letters we get this from a Sports Fan in West Garfield Ridge:
Vick critics miss point:

If Michael Vick is found guilty of breaking the law, he will have to pay a price. But for all who think he is despicable, think of how that meat ended up on your table. If you ever witnessed the slaughter of a cow, a hog, a chicken, etc., and heard the squeals and watched them kicking and squirming until dead, you would know that too is cruelty to animals.
Leon Moore, West Garfield Park

But Leon, if butchers did not 'terminate the life and exercise Choice' then we could not eat those animals. Where would the thousands of Meatcutters Local 881 be with out the odd cut of the knife on Bossy, Mr. Clucker, Uncle Piggily, Ms Mint Jelly?

Michael Vick is not only a moron, he is a criminally charged, vicious, soon to be broke - like the bankrupt CST - moron.

Just one working guy's thoughts Leon. Hitler was a Vegan, dog lover, non-smoker, non-alcoholic drink imbiber - an ideal Nanny Stater Progressive - said to have been big on children's issues. Be like Mike? no thanks. Be like Al? Hell, No!

Thanks to Frank Nofsinger of Conecticut for the splendid photo Mike Vick and Cupcake!

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