Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mrs. Obama, MSNBC and Mr. Creosote Battle Obesity

President Obama is tanking. More Americans are hip to just how really pompous news pundits happen to be - ask Scott Lee Cohen. Sarah Palin is still popular. Iran is near Civil War. Progressive Agenda is everything it is cracked up to be - a Ponzi Scam. Global Warming has given us the greatest National snowstorm ever! Mrs. Obama needs help getting fat kids to lay off the pop, salty snacks, and Mickey D's that their folks sate them with and has MSNBC going Flat out for Her!

MSNBC went Flat-Out for Cap 'N Trade and Single Provider Health Care for President Obama. Mrs. Obama might have done better asking the League of Elk Hunters or Emu Ranchers to lend a hand. As it is . . .MSNBC with Tamron 'Too Smart' Hall and Dave 'Fountain-mouth' Schuester and the MSNBC Tool Shed regulars.

After shoveling metric tons of the new fallen snow, I cable surfed and caught an unlimited litany of guest Fat Pros on MSNBC taking the Tac Du Jour ( Tea Party Secessionism/Sarah Palin/Chris Matthews' Racial View-Finder) on obesity is akin to Terrorism and a dose of the crabs. MSNBC is dedicated to . . .? I'm not sure.

Just replay this scene of Monty Python's Meaning of Life and even the most dedicated lard-asses might opt for the waffer thin truffle.

Bon apetite!

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