Sunday, February 21, 2010

Christopher Buckley Wiggles and Giggles - Never Bring a Silver Spoon to a Baling Hook Brawl with Long Shoremen

Si tacuisses, philosophus manisses Boethius

Christopher Buckley, America's Bertie Wooster and parallel universe Kennedy Kid, took his Highland walking stick to the backs of American Helots and overweight Patriot re-enactors for redefining his Old Man's Conservative Order of Battle.

Novelist, wit, gad-about, and androgynous political cut-and-paste-er Chris Buckley, who helped elect President Obama in 2008 and had gone to ground since then, is back.

Hip! Huzzah.

Buckley like Kennedy is an American Brand name like Hilton or Kardashian.

Chris Buckley sports natty Anglophile habiliments in town in a custom pinstriped peak-lapelled single-breasted suit, pocket square, fawn waistcoat, watch fob, and homburg hat and in the fens Barbour Classic Beaufort Jacket, knee-high hose over moleskin breeks Dunmoor fleece waiscoat, Sutherland tweed driving cap and lined Capeskin gloves - marvelous. Accessoried with language as well, Buckley gives out against his blood kin and the Official Image of White House Opposition - fat, racist rustic ruffians who detest the President because of the color of skin:

One might then logically ask, wouldn’t it have been simpler, and more honest, to issue a J’Accuse Obama! instead of a windy yadda-yadda about first principles and why are liberals wiping their arses with the Constitution?
I have some thoughts about the growls and yips emanating from the podium and—ahem—Teleprompters at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, where CPAC is holding its auto-da-fé, but in the tradition of Sharonesque brevity, why don’t we leave it there until tomorrow.

One might, but President Obama had plenty of help leading the Nation to this economic and spiritual nadir, Young Buckley - You, Wee Davey Brooks, Dame May Peggy Noonan, Mike Murphy, Kathy Parker and other youthful conservatives all took the MSNBC coin.


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Stephen R. Maloney said...

As somebody who knew both Bill Buckley and his sister Priscilla, I salute you on capturing the oleaginous essence of one Christopher, more a piece of sawdust than a chip off WFB, Jr.'s block. What a fine essay, Pat. -- Steve