Monday, February 01, 2010

Angry Illinois Voters? Name One. Really.

Absolutely the Best Side of Carol Marin! Fabulous!

I only know of one really angry voter and this guy lived in Griffith, Indiana. This guy lived along Broad Street, just east of Cline Ave. and a 9 Iron shot south of Ridge Avenue, regularly painted his adobe white garage with aquamarine green paint - "Crooked Bastards! Snake Politicians! Die You Elected Scum!" or "Scum Sucking Leeches! Politicians! Die!"

No doubt this gent did wonders for his neighbors' property values.

He was genuinely non-partisan, but the Town of Griffith generally ignored this rock-ribbed sweetheart's fulminations. Occasionally, a new slap of aquamarine would specifically indict some scallywag, but primarily this Angry Citizen painted with a very broad brush. and other dedicated pundits are trying kick up some sand and interest in the Illinois Primary as some kind of bell weather for the general elections,"Widespread voter anger and unrest are confronting the Illinois political establishment as the state hurtles toward its first-in-the-nation primaries Tuesday."

Mercy Sakes! Speaking of which, Marque Kirque gets the lion's share of attention as he is running against three Democratic candidates without a Chinaman's Chance of winning - Alexi Giannoulias, Cheryl Jackson, and Dave Hoffmann.

I like Alexi Giannoulias, but he is colaterally damaged by the frags from Blago and the Rezko-shrapnel still wizzing around President Obama. Hoffman has a voice that sounds like steam escaping from a spilt pipe and Cheryl Jackson is not related to the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Carol Marin is a self-promoting Multi- Pay envelope News Icon and she shows her best side in the photo above from Politico.

Voter Anger? I work in the black community and live in a Close-Knit Ethnic ( Catholic) neighborhood. No anger. No spittle. No marches. No nothing.

People will vote their hearts and minds tomorrow and that makes political weasels wet their britches.

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