Thursday, February 11, 2010

The New York Times?MSNBC Global Extreme Weather Snow-Cone Machine!

And I thought that Global Warming was just a hoax - perpetuated by investors and companies poised to make a gazillion Euros on Green Technologies - Like GE which owns MSNBC-The Tool Shed.

The Tool Shed has a new "bore-a-hole- through-me" Clown under its Big Top -Dylan Ratigan. Nice Gen X Handle there - Dylan. Thomas, or Bob it is way cool. Globally Cool - like the Extreme Weather!

America's former VP and chameleon/Lon Chaney Al Gore ( he's a lard-ass; he's taken off the weight; he's a lard-ass with beard; the beard goes & etc) who preceded President Obama in icy Oslo, is getting a trimming from little kids and village nit-wits and defended by MSNBC Tools and village nit wits over the specious Global Warming ( now Global Extreme Weather) due to the tons of snow fallind on America.

Jeff Masters, a meteorologist who writes on the Weather Underground blog, said that the recent snows do not, by themselves, demonstrate anything about the long-term trajectory of the planet. Climate is, by definition, a measure of decades and centuries, not months or years.

But Dr. Masters also said that government and academic studies had consistently predicted an increasing frequency of just these kinds of record-setting storms, because warmer air carries more moisture.

“Of course,” he wrote on his blog Wednesday as new snows produced white-out conditions in much of the Eastern half of the country, “both climate-change contrarians and climate-change scientists agree that no single weather event can be blamed on climate change.

“However,” he continued, “one can ‘load the dice’ in favor of events that used to be rare — or unheard of — if the climate is changing to a new state.”

A federal government report issued last year, intended to be the authoritative statement of known climate trends in the United States, pointed to the likelihood of more frequent snowstorms in the Northeast and less frequent snow in the South and Southeast as a result of long-term temperature and precipitation patterns. The Climate Impacts report, from the multiagency United States Global Change Research Program, also projected more intense drought in the Southwest and more powerful Gulf Coast hurricanes because of warming.

In other words, if the government scientists are correct, look for more snow

Avec! Dylan Ratigan! Me and the kids are loading our Snow Cone Machine up with Kingsford Charcoal, Dylan!

With all this flawed logic floating around, MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan took it upon himself to knock down these unsubstantiated claims, specifically referring to a Virginia GOP political ad.

"Here's the problem," Ratigan said. "These 'Snowpocalypses' that have been going through D.C. and other weather events are precisely what climate scientists have been predicting, fearing, and anticipating because of global warming ... In fact you could argue these storms are not evidence of a lack of global warming, but evidence of global warming."

Dylan you genius! You mean to say that I was shoveling coal all week?????

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