Sunday, February 07, 2010

Governor Pat Quinn Will Win With the Likes of Him! Keep Scott Lee.

Governor Pat Quinn should keep the millstone Scott Lee Cohen. Do not allow this goof to shift your priorities or message.

1. Keep Scott Lee Cohen in the shadows all through the Campaign for Governor.

2. Hammer away at Kirk Dillard who seems to to be creeping up on Bill Brady and might somehow manage to be the GOP nominee - Bill Cellini's guy is great way to deflect notice of the wife abusing, knife wielding mope. If Brady squeaks in - go Helot Working Stiff Trades Union Regular Guy on Him! Do not get near the Purple SEIU goofs - look how that worked out for Blago. Come to Jesus, Moses, Mohammad and Christian Non-Sectarian with the Operating Engineers, the Electricians, the Pipe Fitters, Plumbers, Hoisters, and independent contractors. Tea Party the Hell out of the GOP!

3. Do not get gulled into a Third Party run - it will be a disaster. Senator Stevenson had a different historical context for doing so.

4. Promise to work to eliminate the office of Lt. Governor. Vow to lower taxes and that will create jobs

5. Work with Speaker Mike Madigan on the Campaign and when you win. Speaker Madigan can only help you turn things around. Only Media Loudmouths hate him.

6. Treat the Media Pundits as they would treat you - and have. Give them short shrift and a wide path on the sidewalk. Treat them as you would a panhandler wearing only jock-strap and snow-shoes. Give the person his/her dignity and a very hale and hearty "Thanks for Stopping!"

7. Come back out to the neighborhoods, small towns, and villages. Ditch the Policy Gurus and University phonies.

8. Give Senator Durbin photo opportunities with you but for God's sake never allow him to speak - for you or about anything. Sen. Dick Durbin is about as voter attractive as Scott Lee.

Voters like you Governor Quinn. I like and admire you - I think that many of your associations with the Progressives are down-right goofy, but you are honest, loyal and smart.

Go Grassroots with the Helots.


southwestvoter said...

"only media loudmouths hate [Madigan]"

Did you not follow the state house race in the 36th district? Kelly Burke won because people did not want the Michael Madigan backed candidate to win. Kelly Burke didn't win because of her stances on the issues, which remain mostly unknown. She won because she was running against Madigan and not with him. Voters in the 36th District know that Michael Madigan is a corrupt and dangerous person. The only people that support him are either crooked or ignorant.

pathickey said...

Kelly Burke won a great victory. Yes, she was opposed by Mike Madigan's pick.

However, I did not pick up any real sense of hardball opposition from Madigan for Mrs. Burke.

Kelly Burke put together a genuine Grassroots force of friends and that is what local politics is all about.

Mike Madigan is a pro's pro and he is surrounded by lightweights and lame-os - GOP and Democrat.