Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kevin Myers on Haiti, Free Speech and Our PC Addiction to BS

In Chapter Ten of Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises Jake and Bill joke on Irony and Pity - 'they are all the rage back home.'

Jake and Bill, two WWI Veteran Expatriate members of the generacion perdite wax comical on the hypocricies they left behind: "Oh, Give them Irony and Give them Pity. Oh, give them Irony. ... Just a little irony. Just a little pity . . ."

Kevin Myers of the Irish Independant, a true disciple of Flann O'Brien's cant free journalism, indicts the fashionably fatuous with regard to Haiti, PC, Free Speech and BS.

You can say we have free speech -- but we haven't. Example: I can say Americans are loud, boorish, lazy and insensitive morons, and that's fine. If I say the same about Nigerians, I am in jail.

Look, you cry, he's at it again! He starts off quite innocently on Haiti, and look where's finished up!

Quite. I agree. You are looking nervously at the door. I am making you uncomfortable. You wish to leave. I quite understand.

This guy, Kevin Myers, should be required high school/college prep reading in every language and taught cross-curricularly.

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