Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dick Simpson and Gang Trot Out Corruption Stage for Dave Orr

What a phony piece of garbage this report happens to be.

This is nothing more than a swell BGA/Progressive/Media/UIC dung-heap upon which Cook County Clerk David Orr intends to crow his Mayoral Platform of Reform.

Daley will hand Dave his mustache months before Dave asks the 19th Ward, 11th Ward, 18th Ward, 14th Ward and 47th Ward to send some helpers to get him some signatures.

However, the Media Howler Monkeys will paste up some serious nonsense for the dim-bulb soul patchers.

Slap it on thick, Girls!

The UIC (a real hallmark of 'distinguished fugitives') and the BGA (Andy Shaw's Golden Parachute) study is a mere Google search of convictions that deftly avoids the indictments, trials and conviction IVI-IPO sanctioned crooks who went to the Iron Hotel for Reform Looting sprees.

Nice try there, Cupcakes.

Andy Shaw's BGA and Professor Dick Simpson presented a nice thirty-three page study ( The Idiot's Guide to Chicago Crooks -not Our Progressive Crooks, but Regular Democratic Crooks) that is merely a litany of Cook County convictions.

The bottom line is that only Dave Orr ( former Mayor of Chicago who did not lift a finger while Burge was a Cop)is to be trusted, because he brought in the Hugo Chavez manufactured voting machines.

Give it a thumb-through. It is as informative and valuable as the palm cards that Todd Stroger bought in January.

Click my post title for the breathless NBC ( the clowns who pushed out Steve Rhodes when he refused to tweak his take on corruption the Tribune Managing Party Animal - in the Chicago Media) link and then click on the BGA pdf link.

The Corruption Cesspool is the Media's wallow as well Dick and Andy.

BTW - Dave Orr - will stay Clerk. He's got no where else to go.

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